Houston Chronicle Deals With Sperm Jokes When 29-25.com, Girl Dick Come Back to Haunt

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It's a good thing we have Google's cache feature to keep these guys honest.

The Houston Chronicle had to come clean this week and quickly try to erase the last bits of its defunct 29-25.com website after media site jimromenesko.com got a hold of a post on chron.com.

The Chronicle reportedly took down a review of a book about sperm-flavored desserts posted four years ago after it was resurfaced this week by the media website.

The original post went into sticky details on the tome:

Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants." Which is a coy way of saying "Available at a dick near you, baby!"

Just because something is "commonly available" doesn't mean that I'm going to want to mix it into Aunt Lisa's chicken and dumpling recipe; lots of things are "commonly available": motor oil, toothpaste, pencil shavings ... and none of those require ten to thirty minutes of "harvest time" per batch.

At first someone thought the Chronicle's website got hacked, but due diligence by media hawk Jim Romenesko proved otherwise and even got the paper's managing editor, Vernon Loeb,to go on the record about the "Cum On" article.

Here's what the Loeb-ster had to say:

The 2010 content you linked to on Monday originated on a website called 29-95.com that the Houston Chronicle created some years back to appeal to a younger audience attracted to alternative media.

Ah, so this was the sexy product the Chron was trying to push out to horny teens and twenty-somethings? Loeb went on to explain that last year the old 29-25.com site was migrated to a blog at chron.com, but no one knew about the infamous Girl Dick columns or other articles that were about as NSFW as you could get.

"The author of this material was a freelancer and is no longer employed here," Loeb wrote. "We apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this content, and we trust that all of it has been removed from our website."

But is that right to just rub this archive off the face of the Internets?

The Girl Dick columns were sassy and entertaining. She even did theater reviews.

The take-away from this is that at least we can search Google's nether regions for a little piece of Houston's digital media nostalgia. And as for Girl Dick, we hope she moved out of Houston to go write screenplays in Hollywood or something.

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Oh noes!  The internets is attacking!


Is this an Onion article? Why exactly are our collective panties in a bunch about this?


Hiya. I was Girl Dick for a short time back in 2010. (The name was supposed to be a reference to detective work. Also, I was sort of a dick.) 

Although I am "no longer employed" by the Chronicle, it's not as though they kicked me to the curb for being nasty. It's more like the whole thing imploded, folding under the weight of ICP albums and detailed accounts of trips to the porno store. While it lasted, it was fun, energetic, and engaging (so put that in your Business Daddy pipe and smoke it, Chronicle.) 

And while I'm not out in Hollywood pioneering the Horror Rom Com genre as I should be, I am still here in Houston, making my dollars by writing. Hardly ever about jizz, though. 

Those were the days.


@GirlDick  I was hoping maybe you were the second coming of Diablo Cody or something.

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