Accused Killers Giving Satan Worship a Bad Name

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Photo by Steve Snodgrass

God is good, and for some Satan is too.

Satanists don't deserve the bad rap they're getting after the recent news linking accused killers to the Prince of Darkness. The words "satanic ritual murder" or "occult killing" set off alarms in God-fearing people, and that's probably why prosecutors and the media run with it.

This hit home when two Harris County teens were charged with capital murder last week in what the Chronicle referred to as an "occult killing". Other news outlets headlined it "deal with the devil" or "ritual murder".

John Jordan of the Harris County DA's office is working the case and says that Jose E. Reyes, 17, allegedly talked a 16-year-old into joining him in killing schoolmate Corriann Cervantes. The younger kid wanted to join Reyes in a deal with the devil. Cervantes,15, was mutilated, strangled and raped. Authorities said there was an upside-down cross carved on her belly.

Last night Reyes told a TV news reporter that he's actually a Christian and doesn't follow Satan, but he was really into the devil a few years ago.

Followers of Satan are used to having their belief's scapegoated in the name of murder.
"You now have people who are practicing the illusion of the occult," says Michael Bradley, a Satanist and a regular in Houston's goth scene. When you hear about people, especially teens, killing in the name of the devil there's probably mental illness involved, and an imagination twisted on images from metal music groups and hit movies that teens consume in hopes of scaring the shit out of their parents.

Blaming a supernatural force for causing someone to commit murder is disturbing and sad, and at this point, very unoriginal. Claiming "I did it for the devil," is no different than people saying they were commanded by angles, God, or other voices to commit murder," says Bradley. "It's unfortunate that it's sensationalized," he said. "The supernatural, the occult, help to relieve people of their responsibility."

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