Zapruder Analysis of Video Résumé of Redneck Seeking Job As NFL Fullback

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New from TLC: Redneck Fullback
There was a time when the avenue to virtually every vocation in sports or in media was a cookie cutter, a very fixed blueprint.

If you wanted to become a journalist, you majored in journalism, worked at a small newspaper, worked at a bigger newspaper, before finally hitting it big in a major market or writing for Time or Sports Illustrated or whatever.

If you wanted to become a radio host, it meant you majored in communications, interned for Barry Warner, then worked your way up the market food chain, either from smaller markets to bigger markets or from crappy jobs to gradually less crappy jobs in a big market.

Then came the Internet, and everything changed.

Podcasts, videos, blogs...they've all become the new Darwinian breeding ground for some of the most talented writers and on-air performers in their respective businesses today, performers we never would have known even existed in, say, 1986.

Still, with the advent of YouTube in the early 2000s and the ability to disseminate information ratcheted up by social media the past five years, the road to a career as a player actually playing in sports, specifically the NFL, hasn't changed.

Generally, you still play high school ball, play college ball, get drafted (or sign as an undrafted free agent...what up, Arian?) and then have a career of, on average, four years in the NFL before joining a concussion lawsuit getting a job at ESPN. That's how it's been and, aside from teams pilfering soccer and rugby teams for kickers and punters, that's how it still is.

Someday, somebody trying to land a job in an NFL camp will break down the barriers of "the process," and when he does, he will have pioneers like the "Old School Blocking Back" to thank.

Who is the "Old School Blocking Back"? Well, I'll tell ya!

First, full disclosure -- this video comes from my buddy Lance Zierlein, whose dad Larry has been an offensive line coach in the NFL for over a decade and a football coach in general for multiple decades. This guy, heretofore referred to as "OSBB," apparently sent the video on a DVD to Lance's old man in an effort to get an NFL tryout. As you can see from some of the references in the video -- OSBB pretends he's blocking for David Carr -- the video is a little dated, but it will still be hilarious from now until the end of time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, behold the "Old School Blocking Back"...

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The guy's name is Mark, but he goes by "Wrecking Ball."  Rather than being a blocking back, everyone can tell he more of a long snapper body type.


Tom Vu reference! That's not showing off, that's real expertise. Ok, it's also showing off.

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