Zapruder Analysis of an Irate WWE Fan After the Royal Rumble

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Dude is seriously pissed...and hilarious.
The WWE's Royal Rumble is generally regarded as the second or third most prominent pay-per-view event on the WWE calendar. Wrestlemania is always the clear-cut number one, the Super Bowl of wrestling.

Then, depending on what one's tastes are, the second slot goes to January's Royal Rumble or August's Summerslam. Me, I'm a Royal Rumble guy. Built around a 30-man staggered battle royal (start with two entrants and a new one comes in every couple minutes), the Rumble generally indicates the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. (Plus, I'm a total mark for ring entrance music, and getting to hear 30 different entrances gives me a wrestling woody. 30 times.)

Oh, and speaking of Wrestlemania, the winner of the Royal Rumble gets a title shot at Wrestlemania. That matters for purposes of this story because, in a WWE with only about four or five guys truly "over" (wrestling speak for "emotionally invested in by WWE fans") right now, the WWE put on a Rumble this past Sunday that left fans irate, more because of who wasn't included in the Rumble match than what actually occurred in the match.

Daniel Bryan is, without question, the most popular performer in the company right now. Bryan's so popular that fans chanted his name throughout the WWE World title match between John Cena and Randy Orton on Sunday. Bryan's so popular that fans chant his trademark "YES! YES! YES!" on command, or as they did on Sunday, random times without being commanded.

And Bryan's so popular that when it became evident he wasn't included in the roster of 30 men invited to participate in the Rumble (when Rey Mysterio was introduced as combatant number 30 is when fans finally realized it), the crowd booed the entire rest of the match, and even booed the winner (the returning-after-a-four-year-absence Batista) vociferously during what the WWE brass undoubtedly had hoped would be a celebration moment.

The anger spilled over to members of the WWE family, with Hall of Famer Mick Foley among the most vocal critics of how the pay-per-view had been booked...

Voices all over the WWE universe cried foul, some because, like Mick Foley, they were angered by the perceived injustice done to one Daniel Bryan. Others, though, like the fat kid in the video below, cried out because they seemingly just despise Batista independent of Bryan's participation (or lack thereof) in the Rumble.

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

How is this any more ridiculous than the excessive butthurt posted by DWEEBS and LOSERS who take Lamebook WAY too seriously?


Given that Vince makes money regardless, no worries.

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