WWE Hall of Fame Announces It Will Induct the Ultimate Warrior (w/ VIDEO)

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Hall of Fame time.
While we are a mere few weeks away from the Super Bowl, we are also just a few months away from Wrestlemania. Both events represent the mecca of their respective genre.

In the 29 years its been existence, WWE's Wrestlemania has essentially morphed into the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, not only from the standpoint of sheer magnitude of the event itself (This year's Wrestlemania will sell out the Superdome in New Orleans.), but also the events surrounding the pay per view card.

While Super Bowl has its radio row, various parties, and announcement of that year's Hall of Fame class, Wrestlemania has various parties, a fan fest, and the actual induction of the WWE's Hall of Fame class, which is gradually unveiled and announced over the preceding few months on WWE television.

2014's WWE Hall of Fame class started off with a bang this past Monday, as WWE (somewhat surprisingly) announced that The Ultimate Warrior would be its first inductee in the Class of 2014.

I say parenthetically that it's somewhat surprising because the relationship between Warrior (which is now actually Jim Hellwig's legal name, Hellwig being the man behind the character) and WWE has been hot and cold going back to virtually the beginning of his career there in late 1987, when he entered the company under the name "Dingo Warrior," his gimmick in World Class Championship Wrestling based out of Dallas.

Incidentally, my favorite moment from Warrior's WCCW career probably didn't occur in the ring. It occurred in these magical thirty seconds in this car commercial for a Dallas area automobile dealership:

Warrior's WWE career really took off at Summer Slam 1988, when he was the last minute replacement for Brutus Beefcake as challenger to then Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man and ended Honky Tonk Man's 15 month reign as champion in 27 seconds:

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If you read "Sex, Lies, And Headlocks", Hogan was known in the biz as a "stiff."  He had few signature moves and was more "talker" than "worker", and liked to work "light".  (Meaning love taps rather than harder shots.)  The Warrior was all image.

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