Weather Week: Snowpocalypse Part Two. Could It Be Worse Than Part One?

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This was traffic during Snowpocalypse Part One. What will happen during the sequel?
Not all sequels are terrible. Many believe Godfather II was the best of that series and I am much more fond of Empire Strikes Back than I am of Star Wars (episode IV as it were). When it comes to the sequel to the winter weather we experienced less than a week ago, it is beginning to look like what we will see come Tuesday could be worse than the original.

A Winter Storm Watch was issued on Sunday in anticipation of what might be a significant winter event -- at least what constitutes one here in southeast Texas. The one key difference is going to be the temperature. Not only is it expected to be below freezing for longer than last week's event, but it should be a few degrees colder allowing for a greater chance that whatever precipitation falls from the sky remains for at least a few hours.

Current forecasts call for more ice than snow the closer you get to the coast with accumulations of ice as much as .05 inches north of the city to .15 inches along the coastline. The inverse is true for snow with a possibility of as much as 2 inches north of the city and only a trace expected along the coast.

For those of us in the heart of the city, we could see a lot of both -- well, a lot for Houston -- with as much of an inch of both. The big question on the forecast now is when all this will happen.

Last week, the precipitation and frozen temperatures began in the late night hours of Wednesday into early Thursday morning. As a result, most school districts canceled or significantly delayed classes, companies called off or delayed work. This week, temperatures should begin falling early in the morning on Tuesday and conditions should deteriorate throughout the afternoon and into rush hour. Precipitation will fall most of the day Tuesday -- rain first followed by sleet or freezing rain and then, possibly, snow.

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Graciela Mireles
Graciela Mireles

Time to stock up on beer, you know just the necessities. :P

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