Weather Week: Houston Winter Bringing 20s and 70s in Same Week

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You ain't kiddin', Dino.
A hard freeze warning remains in effect for Houston and most of Texas for that matter as bitterly cold Arctic air filters down into the state, bringing with it some of the coldest temperatures we've had in three years. Overnight temperatures fell into the 20s, and it is expected that tonight they will get into the lower 20s, perhaps even the teens in portions of the city.

Temperatures have rebounded only slightly today, but certainly above freezing as the sun has come out a bit. Tomorrow they will warm up even more and we shouldn't expect any long-term wintry conditions. In fact, by the end of the week, highs should be back in the 70s. Yes, you read it right -- a 50-degree swing in a matter of days. Houston winter at its finest.

With temperatures reaching the lower 20s in most of the area, it is important to protect plants, pets and pipes. The first two are perhaps easier than the last, but fortunately, it is unlikely to be cold enough for most pipes to burst unless you are west and north of the city, where it will likely fall into the teens.

Eric Berger over at the Chron has a good rundown of what to do to help protect your home. Fortunately, it will be over by tomorrow and we can get back to normal Houston winter weather, which will, naturally, include shorts and flip-flops...just not tonight.

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You know that it's global warming doing all these weather events. Tell us about the speculation out there......


As a Houston native, I've always hated these infrequent frostcapades.  It's easier to cool off in the Summer than it is to warm up in the Winter.

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

I, for one, am already tired of this 20 degree stuff.  My spawn loves it, says it's good for her skin. Me? I live in dread that my neighbors will use up all the hot water before I can take my bath.The only good thing is that we aren't getting ice and snow. I simply refuse to drive in icy conditions, the stupidity factor of Houston drivers tends to go up exponentially when that happens.

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