This Weekend's Best Bets: AFC and NFC Title Games

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Crunch time for the NFL and gamblers.
About four weeks into the NFL season, a prop bet popped up on the board in the corner of the internet that I visit in order to recreationally place some action Las Vegas and it went like this:

* Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, 48ers to win Super Bowl XLVIII -120
* Any of the other 28 teams to win Super Bowl XLVIII -120

Knowing that of the last eight Super Bowls, six have been won by teams who played a wild card round game, I figured the intelligent bet was to take the other 28 teams for a sawbuck or two. Hell, there were still three months of the season remaining, time enough for one or two of the four favorites to morph into an 8-8 team or lose a quarterback to injury.

And along the way, perhaps the Saints, Packers, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs, Bears, or Ravens would make a run at a first round bye.

Well, we all know how this worked out.

For the first time perhaps in the history of this particular wager, the "other 28 teams" ticket is dead before the conference championship games even kickoff. Broncos and Patriots in the AFC, Seahawks and Niners in the NFC. Good night.

And if you need a perfect microcosm for my season of wagering, well, there you go.

But I'm resilient if nothing else, and I'm sure by now you noticed that, for the first time all year, I put up an undefeated week. In fact, this might be the first week that I've done anything better than 4-2. Indeed, here comes my regression to mean, albeit about two months too late.

So let's pick these two games, shall we?

Someone asked me recently to make the appropriate WWE analogy for these two games, and I immediately thought of Wrestlemania 3, where the main event was the two biggest legends of the time (at least in that company), Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant for the heavyweight title, and the undercard contained two potential future staples of the company in the Intercontinental Title match in Randy Savage and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Star power carried the main event, but the undercard bout was the one that had everybody talking.

I think that could be how things go this Sunday. Onto the picks...

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The Broncos have lost a lot of defensive oomph, and the Patriots have managed to up their game with their young defense.  The 49ers are clicking and the Seahawks are having something of a sophmore curse with Wilson.  The Super Bowl will have the Pats beating the 49ers in a nailbiter.

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