Check Out Sienna Bernal, Our Favorite Primordial Dwarf, on 20/20 Tonight

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Check out the Bernal family tonight on 20/20.
Sienna Bernal, a kick-ass kid we wrote about in 2010, who happens to one of about 200 primordial dwarfs in the world, is scheduled to be on 20/20 tonight -- Sienna and her family are incredible people, so we urge y'all to check it out. (ABC, 9 p.m.).

Folks with this rare condition share characteristics of poor growth in the womb, a birth weight roughly under three pounds, and a length less than 16 inches, among others. Sienna, 15, is particularly rare in that she is a twin -- her equally kick-ass sister, Sierra, is not a primordial dwarf.

The girls' mom, Chrissy, has written a book series inspired by Sienna, and she and "Sinny" give talks at schools and other group events. (They've also been featured on Inside Edition and Anderson Cooper -- "and we were even 'made fun of' on The Soup," Chrissy tells us via e-mail.

Chrissy tells us via email that the girls are still pursuing their musical interests -- a vocal coach named Gary Bankston who read the story offered to give the girls voice lessons, and "since then, they have even more confidence. Sierra has since discovered that she actually wants to be a professional singer, has since learned to play the guitar as well, and both girls are now taking piano lessons from [Bankston]." (Sierra's got chops).

We're glad to hear the girls are doing well, and we wish the whole family the best. (And we truly hope that Sienna is no longer into Justin Bieber).

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The producer literally just texted me saying we might get pushed to next Friday because of a Diane Sawyer special.  She said they literally won't know until a minute before showtime.

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