One Day Into 2014, the Internet Gives Us Coolest and Lamest Houston Texans Pictures

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For a 2-14 team, the Texans should be plenty newsworthy over the next few months.

They have a head coaching search that should officially conclude with an announcement on Thursday that Bill O'Brien is coming to Houston, and they have the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, which should have us dissecting every snap, play, spoken word, and Instagram picture of every quarterback with a first round grade.

Most days, there will be no shortage of relevant Texans football talk. Most days we won't be forced to dissect a couple of random Texan player pics that showed up on the internet the night before.

Today, however, is not one of those days.

With New Year's Eve comes New Year's parties and with New Year's parties come New Year's poses. Now, I'm fairly certain that most Texan fans have no desire to see pictures the players from their squad partying so soon after the end of 2013's 2-14 debacle. It's like the wounds are still fresh for all the fans, so the players should be in "time out," unable to reenter society until OTA's.

That said, if there are two players to whom the fans would grant societal immunity for New Year's Eve, it would be J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson. While fans relegate every other player on the roster to an evening of being gagged and duct taped to a chair in their kitchens listening to "Blurred Lines" on an endless loop, J.J. and Dre get full forgiveness, allowed to wear what they want, go where they want, and pose for pictures.

And it's funny you should ask...yes, J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson were out on New Year's and, yes, they did pose for a picture together:

Indeed, the only two bright spots in a season with virtually none -- the Texans' two Pro Bowlers. One for each win.

Meanwhile, just a scant few hours later, the internet showed its range. Much the same way Bill O'Brien is a polar opposite to Gary Kubiak in every conceivable way, so too, is the picture below the polar opposite of Andre Johnson and J.J. Watt out partying in expensive threads on the biggest party night of the year.

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