NBA All Star Starters Show Rocket Fans Are Lazy Ballot Box Stuffers

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Observations on this group:

1. For those who don't know, the format this season eliminates the center position and just blends all forwards and centers into a "front court" category. That said, Kevin Love apparently passed Dwight Howard in the final week to beat him out by 8,000 votes, proving the power of social media and mass voting campaigns. The Timberwolves rallied hard for fans to vote for Love, attaining not only the All-Star starter's berth but the tangential benefit of showing Love how awesome Minnesota thinks he is!!! (Love can opt out of his contract after next season.)

2. Further, the Western Conference front court is loaded. The starting front court is Durant, Love, and Griffin. The next three after them, in my mind, would be Howard, Anthony Davis, and LaMarcus Aldridge. The second three are having almost as great a combined season as the first three. (Durant's superhero level play since the first of the year tips the scale, but still...)

3. Only one real godfather pick (or maybe better phrasing would be "grandfathered pick") by the fans -- Bryant, who has been injured for much of the season, but what with him winning as many career NBA titles (five) as the rest of the starters from both teams combined (Wade 3, James 2), he probably deserves an exemption. Again, if all of you from Houston spent less time playing Candy Crush and more time stuffing the ballot box, James Harden would have gotten in. Losers.

4. Kudos to the fans for getting a few of these medium/small market picks correct. In years past, a small market guy would have needed scoring titles or several years of deep playoff runs to finally get recognition. But the internet process has obviously availed the voting to some smart fans who saw fit (rightfully) to include Curry, George, and Irving. All deserved, especially Curry who rarely comes off the floor for Golden State and was an egregious snub last season.

5. Four of the ten starters play for teams with sub .500 records. That has to be some sort of record.

For Rocket fans awaiting the invitations for Harden and Howard (I'd like to say Chandler Parsons, too, but man, is the West loaded), you'll have to wait until next Thursday when the results of the vote by all of the head coaches is announced. Coaches in each conference will vote for two guards, three front court players and two players regardless of position.

The Internet will have no say.

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Aldridge is having an MVP caliber season, and if it weren't for Durant's incredible play, the conversation would be interesting as to James and Aldridge as MVP. Having said that, it's Durant's show until he doesn't produce the gaudily necessary numbers for OKC. Quick side note on Aldridge from his interview after scoring a career high 40+ points against Denver. When asked what the difference in his play was now as opposed to when he was young, he answered along the lines that he is now stronger and was not when he was young. I told my buddy watching, that's an incredibly simple answer, but I imagine it took incredible effort to gain that strength.

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