Let's All Stop Embarrassing Texas Now, Please

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Our archaic laws on pregnancy termination wiped out safe abortions for the entire Rio Grande Valley.
So, our state's archaic, sweeping restrictions on abortion providers have made it impossible for the women in the Rio Grande Valley -- in McAllen, Mission, San Benito and the like -- to receive adequate reproductive care. The restrictions have shut down all clinics within a 150-mile radius of the Rio Grande Valley, which means that the women of the Valley have two options -- they can drive an insane distance in order to obtain a termination, or they can hop on over to Mexico, where we all know abortions are so safe and sterile and all. Or they can have their wombs hijacked for nine months because the state says so, I guess. So perhaps that leaves three options. Three totally garbage options.

The court system really couldn't care less about the women of their state receiving adequate care, though. When lawyers for The Center for Reproductive Rights attempted to explain to Judge Edith Jones the 300-mile termination quandary, she suggested that the women simply make the drive, since the roads are "peculiarly flat and not congested." Perhaps Jones is forgetting the mandatory ultrasound and 24-hour wait time that a woman must be forced to adhere to in Texas, which will clock those miles in at not 300, but 600 miles, given that the trip must be made twice. A woman cannot simply drive herself home from a medical procedure, either. And certainly not for 150 miles.

Texas is quickly becoming the land of the safe fetuses, and that's great and all if that's your thing, but what about the women whose bodies incubate said fetuses? Are they any less human than those fetuses you keep touting? Stop hijacking our bodies, Texas. It's kind of creepy, and the other states are noticing your obsession with our wombs.

Sharkeisha went viral, the video was brutal and her name was somewhat funny, and it embarrassed us some more.
Oh, Sharkeisha. Sharkeisha, the high school student who was caught on tape beating up another girl over her man, and who also happens to hail from Houston, isn't doing our state any favors when it comes to our rep. Our own Jeff Balke covered the Sharkeisha debacle quite well, in case you need a refresher course.

As funny as her name is to the whole "Sharknado" thing, the video behind the whole Sharkeisha meme isn't nearly as humorous. Sharkeisha is freaking brutal in that video, sucker-punching and then kicking the face of a girl who used to be her friend over some beef with a dude, all while her cohorts stand by filming. At one point, someone on the video yells out, "Ooh, not in the face, Sharkeisha!" and as funny as it sounds, it's just really not.

Kicking the crap out of anyone on tape, especially as bad as this chick did, isn't worthy of a sweet viral meme. Nor is it worthy of being attached to Texas's rep. Behave yourselves, high school girls. Even those of you with names reminiscent of Sharknado.

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Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Its easy to judge when you only search for the bad. Move to Chicago if you don't like it here!

Brent Tisdale
Brent Tisdale

Yes, I started reading the article, but it quickly degraded into some sort of liberal self hate, so I stopped. The fact of the matter is that there are FAR more reasons to love this state. If you started pointing out the flaws of every state, you'd hate them all. So, as I said before, if you're embarrassed, then leave.

Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

did you read the article? which of these events makes you proud to be a texan?

Brent Tisdale
Brent Tisdale

Why don't you just move out of Texas? I mean, if it's so embarrassing, and inhospitable to you, why stay?

bvckvs topcommenter

The problem, as I see it, is that we don't yet recognize gun-violence advocacy, racism or religious extremism as legitimate mental illnesses.

As long as those folks are allowed to remain in the mainstream of society, the stream is going to remain polluted.

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