Two Shining Examples of Human Race Charged With Throwing Cat in the Air, Shooting It

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We don't even know what to say.
Two east Harris County men have been charged with animal cruelty after authorities say they threw a cat in the air and shot it January 18.

Alexander Marsh, 18, threw the injured cat into the air while Joseph David Morgan, 24, shot it with a shotgun, according to a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy's affidavit. Both men are from Highlands. (Correction: Morgan is from Highlands, Marsh is from League City).

Well, now.

The affidavit states that "Morgan [said] the feline did not immediately die from its injuries and was flopping around in apparent pain after it was thrown in the air, shot with the shotgun, and then landed on some broken concrete and bricks that affiant observed to be approximately 20 feet below the area where the witness described the cat as having been thrown."

Morgan told the deputy that "he and Marsh shot the cat because the cat's eye was previously injured and they lacked the funds to take the animal to a veterinarian."

Morgan was arrested and subsequently released on bail (listed as either $10,000 or $15,000); Marsh is listed as not yet having been arrested.

The Houston SPCA took custody of the cat's body.

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I say we throw these two morons into the air and shoot them and watch how much they enjoy our version of compassion.

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

And sadly, these two assholes probably won't do much in the way of jail time.

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