Johnny Watch: Manziel Says "We'll See" on Going to the NFL

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We'll see...
Johnny Manziel's flair for the dramatic over the last two years is well documented. In 2012, road wins against Ole Miss and Alabama came down to plays made late in the game by the eventual Heisman winner. In 2013, Manziel had to figuratively carry A&M's defense on his back just to will his team to a 9-4 record.

Now, it's 2014, and there's no college football left, but there is an NFL Draft coming up in a few months, so Johnny Football is still a topic, as we wait for his decision to leave school and enter the draft and hopefully become a Houston Texan.

That decision, by all accounts, is a foregone conclusion, but it hasn't stopped Johnny Manziel from giving us one more chapter of Johnny Drama.

On Monday night, ESPN gave us a groundbreaking broadcast suite for the national title game called the BCS Megacast, whereby they deployed the sheer volume of channels and talent on their roster to give viewers several choices in the nature of broadcast through which they consumed the BCS Title Game between Florida State and Auburn.

There was the conventional broadcast with Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN, there was a Film Room channel with Matt Millen and a bunch of coaches (including Kevin Sumlin) on ESPN News, and there was kind of a catch-all, "bunch of dudes watching it on the couch" channel on ESPN2, which included Manziel (among about a dozen others in rotation).

It was pretty groundbreaking, and really cool. The whole thing. (I even liked the film room portion way more than I thought I would, and was actually a great look for Millen, who people forget was a rising star before he went to Detroit and ruined his reputation as a football mind by plundering the Lions with roughly a decade of first round wide receiver choices).

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As much as Johnny seems to like money, I have a hard time believing he won't go pro.  (And someone will give him a chance, I'm sure.)

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