How to De-Ice Your Car: Bet You Thought You'd Never Need That Skill in Houston

You're probably going to need this skill today and tomorrow.
As Snowpocalypse Part Two settles in, you might need to drive your car, particularly Wednesday morning as things begin to clear. But, it should be freezing throughout the day and may even snow, so you might have buildup of ice on your windshield to greet you when you this morning or even into tomorrow morning. There are a handful of ways to get ice off your car easily and even ways to prevent it from getting on there in the first place.

Granted, you probably won't ever use this again -- at least until Snowpocalypse Part Three -- but it might be handy if you ever go skiing or move to Alaska.

Turn on Your Car and Heat It Up

This is most definitely the slowest method, but the one with the least amount of work involved. Just get in your car, crank it and turn the defroster up full blast. It will probably take 15 minutes to get the car heated enough to melt the ice on the windows, but it does the trick. You might need to use a little windshield wiper fluid sprayed onto the glass with your wipers as well.

Plastic Scraper

This is probably the biggest pain but the next most convenient option. A plastic scraper you might use for painting -- which can be found at any home improvement or hardware store -- will do the trick. It's slow and a little tedious, but it's cheap and easy. This can also help you speed up process if you decide to turn your car on first. The combination of the two will probably cut your time in half.

Cover Your Car

Obviously, if you have a garage, just use it. But, if not, you can use a sheet or tarp to cover your windshield. Make sure to tie it down with bungee cables or something weighty so the wind doesn't blow it off. In the morning, just yank that bad boy off the car and you're in good shape.

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Every once and a while we run into this problem in atlanta.

I even had to use a credit card before!

To keep that from happening i bought a plastic ice scraper from the dollar store and just keep it in the glove box.

I also bought a can of antifreeze spray which works in a second if you are in a rush! (i will use your home made mixture next time instead of paying $3.99)

Even if i only use it once every year its worth it.

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I said it before and I'll say it again, Grey Goose works great in an emergency.

Nina Afrique
Nina Afrique

thanks for the tips, specialy the diy ones.

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