Houston Texans 2014: The Purge on Kirby Continues

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Of all the personnel moves that have taken place so far within management over on Kirby, these latest are the ones that have social media and the outside world reading (and who knows how accurately; probably not very) the tea leaves. The conspiracy theories that have the most steam seem to be:

1. Bill O'Brien is basically Walder Frey, cleaning out everyone and everything who didn't get cleaned out the first time.
Yeah, I am back on Game of Thrones now. If you enjoy soap opera, this is the one you're probably rooting for, because it means that a) there's a line drawn in the sand now between Bill O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith and b) there's the potential for down-the-road fireworks. Count Jason La Canfora in this crowd...

2. The stench of 2-14 is strong; the more Rick Smith can offload the burden of failure on others, the more he might...
This is why I disagreed with the decision to bring back Rick Smith as general manager after the season was over. When you go 2-14, everything is a failure. You're not "better than your record." You're just bad. That said, it's not like this was a 2-14 team where Smith inherited it a couple years ago and things "had to get worse before they got better." Smith's footprint here virtually overlapped Kubiak's! But Smith convinced the right people that personnel was not the issue in 2013 (or at least not nearly the issue), coaching was. Well, apparently, if you subscribe to this theory, so was the scouting department. My question is, if this is the case, how soon until we reach a point where virtually everyone who had something to do with building and coaching a 2014 team except Rick Smith is fired?

3. Vince McMahon has secretly purchased the Houston Texans.
Honestly, this is the one I'm hoping for....

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Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

So what you're really asking for is for HP to be an RSS feed for ESPN?


The owner said he wanted to get back to their tradition as winners 81-115 with 3 out of 12 winning seasons is not a tradition of winning unless winning means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I wish they could get rid of Rick Smith.


Smith is a front for McNair to continue to meddle under the radar.  O'Brien is just hoping he can operate successfully despite that fact.  And before people start trashing O'Brien for that, remember that Bill Parcells was willing to tolerate Jerry Jones for a few years.

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