H-E-B Might Be a Little Aggressive on Its Matt Schaub T-Shirt Pricing

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Cleanup on the Schaub t-shirt aisle.
If you want a very subtle indicator of what a team thinks of a certain player, a lot of truth can be parsed from the price of that player's merchandise in team stores and distributors in the area.

This dawned on me a couple of years ago during the NFL lockout, when I took my kids to Cowboys Stadium for a tour of Jerry World. While we were waiting for the tour to begin, we were hanging out in the Cowboys team store. They had jerseys for nearly every player who mattered, including a whole rack of Marion Barber jerseys.

Barber, who had been a productive, bruising running back for the Cowboys for six seasons, was thought to be on the bubble after a 2010 where his average yards per carry dropped by over a full yard from 2009. Well, the rack of Barber jerseys were on discount, I believe over 50 percent off.

A Barber clearance!

That confirmed it for me. Barber was going to be gone as soon as the lockout lifted. Sure enough, the lockout ended, July 28 came and Marion Barber was gone.

This is now relevant to Houston because, with a new sheriff in town, there is a glut of merchandise out there in the market with images of players who are about to no longer be part of the team moving forward. These items need to be priced accordingly.

Generally, the only people who would want the merchandise of a player who we know will no longer be part of the team moving forward would include, and absolutely be limited to, the following:

* The player himself
* The player's family
* The president of that player's fan club
* Anyone looking to start a museum or Hall of Fame for average to mediocre quarterbacks
* The homeless

Which brings us to these Matt Schaub T-shirts that a Twitter follower of mine spotted at the H-E-B in Bellaire:

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earlier in the month academy had the official nike nfl home jersey (white) of matt scrub for $14.99...this had an original price of $100. 

Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

If you plan on wearing it with that Broncos cap, then you'll just end up looking like a total bandwagoner douche.

Corey Deiterman
Corey Deiterman

I'd buy a Schaub jersey for ironic, hipster reasons, but that shirt is just disgusting in general.

Rudy Torres
Rudy Torres

Might as well sell them as burning logs..


"proofread your sign!!"

says the man who cites the final "seen" in The Godfather


So he won't be doing anymore ads?


just couldn't resist taking one last jab at Schaub, could you? you sir, are a jackazz

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