Gary Kubiak Lands on His Feet in Baltimore

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He was a HUGE minus as a player, especially considering his salary.

When asked about Flacco, Kubiak reflected at Monday's press conference:

"This league's about rebounding," Kubiak said. "You're going to have tough times, tough days. Maybe some years don't go the way you want them to go. But you keep battling. It's just about the long haul. There's no doubt in my mind when it's all said and done, Joe's a championship quarterback. But there's a lot of great things still to be done and I look forward to being part of that."

(Good to see Kubiak get his first use of "battling" out of the way in his first Ravens press conference.)

The comments were the first that Kubiak has made publicly since being let go as the Texans' head coach on December 6 after an 11-game losing streak that began, ironically, in Baltimore in Week 3 with a 30-9 loss to the Ravens.

Baltimore has become a soft landing spot in recent seasons for former Texans, with wide receiver Jacoby Jones and fullback Vonta Leach reportedly pushing Ravens head coach John Harbaugh hard to bring in Kubiak:

"Jacoby and Vonta both, early on, got a hold of me and recommended that we go in this direction," Harbaugh said. "They thought that was something that would work right away. I think they're both pretty excited about it."

For Kubiak's part, if indeed this is the first step back to becoming a head coach again, this is about as good as he could expect to do in terms of being set up to succeed. He has a potential franchise quarterback in Flacco, a great general manager (Ozzie Newsome) who should replenish the offense with some weapons in areas where they were deficient last season, and a head coach in Harbaugh whose worst finish in six seasons as a head coach was last year's 8-8 mark.

In short, the Ravens are set up well to rebound offensively and win games next season, all of which will reflect well on Kubiak.

Kubiak should be well served in being around a different coaching tree and outside the cocoon of the Shanahan/Denver "way," with a tremendous opportunity to simultaneously restore his reputation as a quarterback guru ("Schaub 2013 cleanup," we will call that) and absorb new wrinkles he can add to his head coaching methodology while observing one of the best in the business in Harbaugh.

For the record, Baltimore will play sometime in Houston next season.

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Read that Harbaugh was strongarmed into hiring Kubiak at the behest of the owner which bodes ill for the Ravens.  I have a feeling Harbaugh knows full well that Kubiak ran the offense in Houston, so that speaks for itself, and his time in Denver had the good fortune of having John Elway as the QB.  I pity Flacco.

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