Former Texan Charles Spencer Is Not a Fan of the Texans' New Offensive Line Coach

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As Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has been assembling his staff (a staff, by the way, on which none of the hires has officially been announced yet), the hope a couple of weeks ago had been that ousted Titans head coach Mike Munchak would be returning to Houston to coach the Texans' offensive line.

This understandably got Texans fans very excited since Munchak is considered a) a really good offensive line coach and b) a Houston treasure, from his Hall of Fame career with the Oilers. The two sides got close enough to a deal to where John McClain of the Houston Chronicle was sitting next to me at a Friday remote during his weekly hit on SportsRadio 610 with me and Rich Lord a couple of weeks ago, and he was checking his phone every 30 seconds for news on a Munchak hire.

"Munch Watch 2014" was on!

And then it wasn't.

We know how the Munchak story ended, as he decided to return to his actual home state (as opposed to his adopted home state) and coach the offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Disappointment was a natural reaction, but most fans were willing to wait and see who O'Brien brought in to take over this sneaky important position on the staff. And Monday evening, we found out who it would be...

Texans fans, meet Paul Dunn!

(Three people clap, while thousands of Texans fans look at each other saying "Who?")

Okay, let's do this again....TEXAN FANS, MEET PAUL DUNN!!!!

Okay, that's not totally fair, for me to mock the introduction of Dunn as the Texans' new offensive line coach. Let's face it, most fans wouldn't know an NFL offensive line coach if he walked up and spray-screamed in their faces (although that might be a fair indicator that person is an NFL offensive line coach), so Dunn's anonymity should not be a source of humor for me.

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Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

The NFL could have done more for ex players with concussions. They can definitely afford it.


The late Bob Young would have been fun since he told the tale of whenever Monday Night Football was in town during Dan Dierdorf's time he took him to Rick's Cabaret.

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