Five Things to Know About the Houston Marathon's Security Measures

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The time has come.

A lot has changed since the final person loped across the finish line for the Houston Marathon last year. Namely, a couple of bastards decided to bomb the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring scores of people. The bombing also altered how marathons across the country are now handled, and the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon is no exception..

In this post-Boston world, the 2014 Houston marathon will have a few changes in how things are done. If you're running in the marathon or half marathon, or coming down to to the course to cheer on those who are, here's a head's up on a few things to know.

5. Bring your photo ID to pick up your running packet. Whether it's your very first fancy race or you've run Houston every year for the past 20 years, the day you pick up your packet is always a giddy experience. You have to wade through all the other excited packet-pick-up people to get to your line and before that you have to go through the phenomenal pain-in-the-posterior process of parking downtown. Well you also have to have your ID and a print-out of your final confirmation email to pick up your packet, and if you've offered to grab a friend's packet while you're there, you'll have to hand in a signed copy of their final confirmation and a printed copy of their current, government-issued ID. So be sure and have that, because getting your packet is exciting the first time, but having to leave, go home, get your license and perform a minor miracle in finding some place to park a second time is guaranteed to ruin the pre-marathon buzz. Don't be your own buzz-kill.

4. There will be security checkpoints and they will search whatever they darn well please. Access to the marathon and half-marathon routes is now, understandably, pretty tightly controlled. Those who want to watch the runners will have to pass through checkpoints to get to the course. The checkpoints will be located at Lamar Street and Crawford Street, Lamar Street and Avenida de las Americas, McKinney Street and Crawford Street and Walker and Avenida de las Americas. Security guards will have the right to search anyone or anything that raises any kind of alarm bells, so try and strategize over this the way you work out what you can and can't bring to an airport these days. Figure out what security will likely frown on you having anywhere near the race course and don't bring it.

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I still don't feel safe yet! Let's do full body cavity searches of all runners and spectators.

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