Fan Fighting League, NFL Playoffs! Fat Charger Fans Bludgeon Fat Bronco Fan (w/ VIDEO)

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Let's get ready to stumble...
Today was the first time I thought to myself that the Fan Fighting League might finally need it's own homepage, like with past results, standings, and maybe even a trade machine like's.

That's because I know we've seen Chargers fans participate in the fun at some point, but I couldn't remember when. As it turns out, it was the infamous "double bottle smash" with some Cowboy fans back in early October. But I actually had to go seek that out. How nice would it be if I had a quick reference point? (Answer: Incredibly awesome.)

So why is this relevant? Because Charger Fan is at it again. I mentioned in that post back in October just how underrated Charger Fan is in the fearsomeness and thuggishness departments. When you think of San Diego, you think of cool waves, seafood, laid back and and mellow bros.

Charger Fan is none of these things. Charger Fan bumps gangster rap at his tailgate at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a jet airliner landing. Charger Fan cracks bottles over random people's heads. Charger Fan has no race, for his skin color is "tattoo."

Above all, Charger Fan does not take kindly at all to strange jerseys at his fan rally, and we have the video to prove it.

In case you missed it, the Chargers 2013 season ended on Sunday afternoon with a 24-17 playoff loss in Denver to the Broncos. It was a sad finish to a surprisingly productive first season (and amazingly productive home stretch, 4-0 after a 5-7 start) under first year head coach Mike McCoy.

While many Chargers fans couldn't make the trip to Denver, this didn't stop them from watching the game back in San Diego and celebrating the end of a great step forward with a rally for the team in National City, CA on Sunday night. And all seemed to be going well....until a Denver fan in a Peyton Manning jersey (judging by his build and skin color -- 400 pounds and black --- I don't think it was the real Peyton) interrupted the proceedings.

The results were predictably violent, and chronicled by this video feed. Let's take a look then Zapruder this bad boy....

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Cromartie reference!

Even by the low standards of Nasty City, as Navy swabbies still refer to it, Manning Fan was self-dangerously stupid.

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