Dennis Rodman: 5 WWE Promos (Maybe the Only 5) That Were More Insane Than His CNN Rant

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I think my favorite part of any insane Jimmy Snuka promo (actually, any sentence uttered at any time by Snuka) is the broken English. And calling it "broken" doesn't begin to describe how jacked up Superfly's sentence structure is. If syntax were teeth, Superfly Snuka's promos would be James Harden's mouth. Bonus points for throwing roughly a hundred chairs in about seven seconds and scaring the shit out of a young Vince McMahon in the process:

Bob Backlund went from a bland babyface for a couple of decades to having a run late in his career as an insane heel who couldn't control his desire to tear apart the shoulders of his opponent using the cross face chicken wing. (Honestly, I met Backlund in person in 1997, and while he may have been calm, he was insane. He wouldn't sign autographs for fans unless they recited all of the presidents in order. Given the crowd at the WWE event, he could have asked them to name just the current president at that time and they'd have gotten it wrong.)

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Sudie Vacek
Sudie Vacek

OMG...memories....Ultimate Warrior was one of my favorite wrestlers years ago


When Ultimate Warrior says Hulk Hogan, it like of sounds like Lou Holtz

Jaee' Williams
Jaee' Williams

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Rodman's time as a wrestler, actor, whatever shows that once a headcase, always a headcase.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Oooooh, this sounds wonderful!  Tell me more!

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