UPDATED: Judge Says HCC Trustee-Elect Dave Wilson Can't Take Office Yet

Does Wilson live in a warehouse, with his wife Connie, or in Doucheville? We have a good guess, but it's best to let a judge figure it out.

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Houston Community College Trustee-elect Dave Wilson, preventing him from taking the oath of office.

Harris County District Judge Elaine Palmer granted Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan's motion December 30, after Ryan asked the court to determine if Wilson actually resided in the district where he ran to be an HCC trustee. A hearing has been set for January 10.

Wilson, if you'll recall, won 2013 Houston Press Turkey of the Year honors for being an old homophobic white guy who insinuated in his campaign literature that he was black.

The Harris County Attorney's Office sued Wilson December 20, and the issue stems from whether Wilson actually resides in an apartment above his business, which is a warehouse located at 5600 W. 34th Street, in HCC's second district.

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Wilson's wife, Connie, still lists a property at 7370 Lake Lane, which is in the Lone Star Community College System district, as her residential homestead...." When the Chron asked Wilson if he and his wife were separated, Wilson said, "That's a personal matter, and it's none of yours or Chronicle's business. I think that county records still show that we're married. That's all I'll say."

Way to tell 'em, Dave -- unlike a person's sexual orientation, a political candidate's marital status ain't no one's business!

We'll keep you posted as this saga unfolds.

Updated at 4:43 p.m.: Wilson signed an oath of office and "statement of officer," January 1, and the documents were filed with the Secretary of State's Elections Divisions Thursday. However, an SOS spokeswoman told us that candidates elected to Houston Community College trustee positions are not legally required to file any sworn statements with the SOS, so they're not exactly clear why Wilson did this.

A spokeswoman with HCC's Board Services Department, where any sworn statements would need to be filed, would not say if Wilson filed any paperwork there, instead referring us to HCC attorney Gene Locke. (Locke was not immediately available. We also left a message for Wilson's attorney, Keith Gross.)

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and lead prosecutor Melissa Spinks say they're trying to confirm if HCC has filed any sworn statements, but say that filing an oath of office would not nullify a standing temporary restraining order. (They also reminded us that Wilson has declined numerous requests to inspect the 34th Street warehouse where Wilson claims to reside.)

Bonnie Rogers, an employee of Wilson's sign manufacturing company who also notarized the documents, said she was too busy to answer our questions. She also told us that Wilson was not available, but agreed to pass along our contact info if she spoke with him. Which was nice.

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Houston Community College Coleman president Dr. Betty Young received a vote of no confidence due to her lack of leadership. See comments at www.InsideHCCS.com.



WHEREAS Dr. Betty Young became President of Coleman College in April 2009; and

WHEREAS since that time the Coleman College’s programs have measurably suffered, and specifically the NCLEX pass rate has dropped to the point where Coleman College’s state accreditation has come into question; and

WHEREAS Coleman College under the leadership of Dr. Young has been formally admonished for failing to follow state and national program guidelines; and

WHEREAS under the leadership of Dr. Young, the Coleman College has engaged in questionable hiring practices, for which it has been criticized; and

WHEREAS at the same time, the Coleman College has experienced an unusually and unacceptably high level of employee attrition; and

WHEREAS Dr. Young has demonstrated a long and continuing history of ignoring shared governance and faculty/staff concerns; and

WHEREAS Dr. Young has more than once publicly and unprofessionally held up Coleman College employees to ridicule, threats, and the semblance of retaliation; and

WHEREAS the HCC Faculty Senate believes that the future of the Coleman College’s programs and the professional progress of its students are in jeopardy as long as Dr. Young is in a position of executive leadership, placing the reputation of the entire District at risk;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the HCC Faculty Senate, on behalf of the faculty and staff of Coleman College, expresses NO CONFIDENCE in the continued leadership of Dr. Betty Young, and calls upon the Acting Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to immediately take up the matter of Dr. Young’s continued employment in her current capacity.

FROM THE RUMOR MILL: Coleman College is rumored to have a low passing rate in its nursing program (wonder what this does to HCC application to set up a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing?)

Information received from SACS (the entity that gives HCC its accreditation), indicates that a 66% pass rate for the Coleman College students is a serious matter. It’s a good reason for the state to send in auditors and investigators. The state accredits programs. SACS accredits the institution. If the state investigates, then it is likely that SACS will investigate. If it is verified that HCC has a low pass rate, accreditation for the whole college could be in jeopardy. SACS will investigate, independent from the state, if someone files a complaint.

The trustees should take action about the high employee turnover, low passing rate on the RN state board exam (now one of the lowest in the state, it used to be among the highest) and the vote of no confidence.

That is not a rumor the RN passing rate is 66%. The Houston Partnership are the puppeteers and education of our children is not in their vocabulary.


Potential Nursing Students Take Heed

Just like many college students check Rate My Professor to select or avoid certain professors, potential nursing students use social media such as Facebook, various blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, and others to post comments, questions and concerns about nursing schools. There is a lot of negative information on the web about HCC's ADN program, everything from outrageous parking fees, no library on campus, burned out instructors, confused office staff and most important the low pass rate on the RN board exam.

How can a diploma school (Covenant) consistently score better than HCC's associate degree program? Doesn't ADN programs have higher entrance requirements which should mean students are more likely to be successful than those in a diploma program?

Better students considering going into nursing will do their homework and check out the stats, like pass rates that posted on the Texas Board of Nursing webpage, in the same section and approved nursing programs and those with sanctions (in trouble). Many of my friends saw that HCC's nursing program was on a steady decline over the past five years this information was a no brainer for us, avoid HCC. We all applied to several BSN and ADN programs but would only attend HCC as a last resort, meaning we didn't get accepted in any other nursing program. Happily we were all accepted last fall in programs other than HCC. All but two of my friends live in the HCC district so most of us are paying out of district tuition (higher cost) in order to attend a nursing program that we have confidence in. Although I have to drive three times as far I am very happy with my choice to avoid the management problems at HCC which directly impacts students and the reputation of the school. Nursing students are under enough stress dealing with exams, skills and clinicals.

I have an aunt, a cousin and sister-in-law that attended, graduated from and PASSED BOARDS, they attend HCC back in the better days of the program when the board exam pass rates were in the 90% level.


When he made a statement on tv, it was funny to see this deeply self conscious fellow trying to bluff his way through it.  Steve Mansfield comes to mind.

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