Arian Foster Fires Back, Files Defamation Counterclaim Against Brittany Norwood

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Foster shoots back at Norwood.
As the saga between Arian Foster and the reported mother of his unborn child, Brittany Norwood, has played out, the narrative has been largely set by Norwood's side.

It started with her filing of a lawsuit for a restraining order in which she accused Foster and his brother, Abdul, of acting in an "outrageous" manner, and further, trying to strong-arm her into having an abortion. It continued with Norwood going on KHOU in a sit-down interview and portraying herself as a sympathetic figure and victim.

To this point, Arian Foster's response had consisted of statements through his attorney in which he accused Norwood of exploiting the situation as content for a future reality television show, and a 30-second rant at a FOX 26 news reporter who was parked in front of Foster's house.

The whole thing had been a bad look for both parties, but particularly Foster, whose career with the Texans is somewhat up in the air already as he recovers from a back injury.

Then came the sound from TMZ on Monday where a person who appears to be Norwood, on a recording, admitted that her lawsuit was, at the very least, embellished if not altogether fabricated.

Then Tuesday, finally, came Arian Foster's stiffest counterpunch yet -- a four-page counterclaim of defamation against Norwood.

In its summary paragraph, the counterclaim calls Norwood's claims against Foster "groundless and baseless" and says that they are "designed to impugn the character and reputation of A.I.F. [Foster's initials] with the intent to extort monies from A.I.F." It goes on to ostensibly cite the TMZ recording, saying Norwood herself admits her accusations are false.

It calls Norwood's entire plan a "calculated scheme" with the purpose being "solely to attempt to gain a financial benefit."

Among the highlights of the document:

1. The lawsuit mentions all the outlets that picked up her version of the story.
There's no better way to illustrate the widespread reach of Norwood's aspersions than to cite the outlets that picked up the story -- Sports Illustrated, NBC, USA Today and a number of sports-related websites. Point being, defamation spreads at the speed of light (or Twitter) in 2014.

2. Norwood's text message follow-up to Abdul Foster is transcribed and hurts her case that she was receiving pressure to abort the pregnancy.
Norwood's accusations in her original lawsuit paint both Arian and Abdul Foster in an unflattering, insensitive light. However, according to Arian's counterclaim, Norwood and Abdul actually engaged in cordial dialogue over dinner to discuss the pregnancy, and Norwood followed up with this text: "Abdul, honestly I respect your opinion and I know how good of a person you are and all the people you're trying to protect and that's so genuine and admirable." Not exactly a reply one would send to someone who is behaving outrageously and insensitively toward one.

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This his round about way of admitting he cheated on his beautiful wife?

Rachel Doyle
Rachel Doyle

The baby mama is just trying to get his money.


In order for Norwood to "impugn the character" of Arrogant Arian, he first must HAVE CHARACTER. 


Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith need to trade Foster ASAP so he and his "girlfriend" can feud elsewhere.

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