UPDATED: Arian Foster Baby Momma Alleges He Is Pressuring Her to Abort Pregnancy

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More from the KHOU article on their relationship:

Norwood said they also spent a week together in California in November while Foster was recovering from back surgery. Norwood sold photos of them together in California to TMZ. "I truly fell in love with this person," Norwood said.

Norwood said everything changed when she told Foster she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby.

The lawsuit calls for a temporary restraining order against Foster, who Norwood's attorney claims has engaged in a pattern of outrageous conduct that has caused his client to suffer "severe emotional distress." Exactly what kind of conduct? Norwood detailed for KHOU:

"He's like, 'You can't have this, you can't have this kid, like, we cannot bring a child into this, like, think about my kids,'" Norwood said.

She said Foster began sending text messages urging her to end the pregnancy.

"You just can't bring a life into this world under these circumstances. It's not fair to anyone. It's not just about you," read one message, according to Norwood.

She said Foster's brother, Abdul, also sent messages. "He's like, 'You know, if you loved Arian at all you would have an abortion because this child is going to ruin everything,'" Norwood said. "'Like, our whole family will never accept this child."

The baby, a boy, is due in June, and Norwood claims Foster has not helped with the medical bills. "I'm 20, I'm scared, I'm another single mom," she said through tears. (The entire segment from the KHOU newscast Monday night is at the bottom of this post.)

Foster's attorney, Alvin Zimmerman, said this is a matter pending in court and he's not ready to comment. A hearing on the restraining order is set for Wednesday morning.

Where a married man impregnating a women out of wedlock falls on the morality scale is for each of you to decide. That's not what this post is about. Where allegedly harassing and pressuring someone into having an abortion falls on the legality scale will be up to the law, if it ever makes it that far. That is another post for another time.

As for the football side of things, Arian Foster's future with the Texans was already cloudy before this incident. Coming off of back surgery in 2013 and three seasons prior to that where he was racking ungodly carry numbers, conventional wisdom says it's far more likely he is about to hit his "after age 28 downturn" than all of a sudden become rejuvenated in 2014. It's just how it goes for most volume carry running backs.

So with a potential cap figure of $8.5 million if Foster plays in 2014, and a cap hit of $7.5 million if the Texans cut him (or trade him, although that is unlikely, given what would be a tepid market at best), it would actually be a cap savings of $1 million to let him go. (Of course, they'd need to find a body to replace him, so the savings would really be $1 million minus whatever the cap figure is for whatever rookie or slappy veteran replaces him.)

And then there's the recovery from the back injury, and nobody will know just how healed Foster is until a doctor sees him, the team reports it, and he gets back out onto the field. (And even then, Ed Reed has shown us, do you ever really know?)

The point is there were going to be decisions to be made with respect to Arian Foster even if he had been a faithful husband who stayed home every night.

And now this.

The question will always be, for any player, "Are you worth it?" Considering the Texans' precarious depth chart at running back and the likely departure of Ben Tate, if Foster is healthy and can go, my guess is he weathers this storm as a Houston Texan. However, his popularity, which was already wavering among some fans who have sensed a change in his demeanor since he signed his contract before the 2012 season, will undoubtedly take a hit.

Tough times for a running back who, in a Yahoo! article he penned back in September wrote:

"A sore subject for any man with a daughter. I will teach her that she is a young goddess. Help her understand her worth. Let her know that she must hold every man accountable for who they are and how they act towards her. There will be a day when I give her away, and they say that a woman spends her life looking for her father in her groom, so until that day I will try to be the example of a man that she eventually will seek out. Men tend to be motivated by one thing. Don't fall victim to a prince charming. If he cares for her, he'll act accordingly. If not (aims shotgun), well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

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I believe that Brittany learned everything from her mother Dana Johnson, Dana Norwood, Dana Elliot, or whoever she is married to now. She was an escort for many years and now that she is too old she gets her daughter doing it! She taught her daughter how to be act this way. Brittany grew up watching her mom do drugs, have sex with many men, and be around molestation by Dana's boyfriends when she was little.Brittany did this intentional and Arian allowed it!! I feel like this kid will be in great danger if Arian doesn't try to get joint custody. Just ask Tom Elliot in Mauriceville texas or anyone else who went to school with her mother there. This is a bad situation for the child being born into. Arian really needs to investigate to get to protect his child just like Tom did.


With his injuries, surgery and now this, I think Mr.Foster makes a good case for him to be traded...

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Earth to editor(s), do your job. "sensed a change in hi demeanor since he signed his contract"..


Norwood apparently had never heard of Google, or any form of social media, or even a newpaper, to confirm the marriage status of her babydaddy.

Not exactly a credit to the ol' Alma Mater.


@alexispaige Arian wants the child aborted, but he'd be a great dad and custodian/guardian of the child once born? You, sir, are an ass.


@Don_Mynack  Or Arian gave her the good old "yeah, I am married, but we are separated, getting divorced..." line.


@Nate @Don_Mynack I bet he also wrote her some crappy poetry thinking he'd look suave and be able to get more freaky grind action with her. He's a jerk.

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