UPDATED: Arian Foster Baby Momma Alleges He Is Pressuring Her to Abort Pregnancy

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Baby mama drama or something worse?
UPDATED: Arian Foster has responded to Brittany Norwood's allegations with legal documents of his own. According to TMZ, Arian Foster believes the woman carrying his child is trying to use the fetus to launch a reality television show and calls her a "shameless fame whore." Norwood has chosen to go with the gentler label of "blondashian:"

"In his legal docs, Foster claims Brittany has 'already indicated in social media postings announcing that she will participate in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and thereby draw additional media attention.'

Foster included a recent screen grab from what he believes to be Brittany's Twitter page in which she wrote, 'Shooting interviews for the last casting reel for my family's reality show #blondashians.'"

Foster is begging the judge to shut down Norwood before the whole thing becomes a media carnival. The judge has not granted Foster's request, and if preventing a media carnival is the goal, I'd say it's probably too little, too late.

They say to never leave a movie until the credits are done rolling, because nowadays, you might actually miss a bonus scene.

In the sad, sports-tragic movie that was Playmakers: Texans 2013, we all assumed that when Matt Schaub threw that final interception of the season (which, along with the interception he threw on the first play of the season, were the bread to the biggest crap sandwich of a season in team history) that the movie was over, so we grabbed our coats to go home.

With Bill O'Brien getting hired in the background, we let the credits on 2013 roll. We thought the movie was over, but this is why you never leave the movie. Because with the Texans, it feels like it never ends.

Arian Foster, come on down.

Amidst the rubble of the Ed Reed release, Schaub's pick six barrage, Gary Kubiak's stroke-like episode, Andre Johnson's walking off the field against Oakland, the three-rookie cigar party and DeAndre Hopkins's Instagram account (and I'm almost certain I'm leaving like ten other things out here), Arian Foster had managed to steer clear of much of the sensational drama that seemed to bury the rest of the team.

All things considered, the disappointment that enveloped Foster's season was garden-variety football stuff -- a dip in production and a few injuries that eventually culminated in back surgery about halfway through the season.

However, it appears Foster managed to keep busy during his down time.

According to a report on TMZ and a lawsuit filed in Texas, Foster tried to strong-arm a University of Houston senior by the name of Brittany Norwood, 20, into aborting a pregnancy that resulted from an ongoing relationship the two have had throughout the fall.

According to an interview with KHOU, Norwood claims she had no idea Foster was married when they first had sex back last summer. However, Foster is married with two children, a young daughter and an infant son.

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I believe that Brittany learned everything from her mother Dana Johnson, Dana Norwood, Dana Elliot, or whoever she is married to now. She was an escort for many years and now that she is too old she gets her daughter doing it! She taught her daughter how to be act this way. Brittany grew up watching her mom do drugs, have sex with many men, and be around molestation by Dana's boyfriends when she was little.Brittany did this intentional and Arian allowed it!! I feel like this kid will be in great danger if Arian doesn't try to get joint custody. Just ask Tom Elliot in Mauriceville texas or anyone else who went to school with her mother there. This is a bad situation for the child being born into. Arian really needs to investigate to get to protect his child just like Tom did.


With his injuries, surgery and now this, I think Mr.Foster makes a good case for him to be traded...

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Earth to editor(s), do your job. "sensed a change in hi demeanor since he signed his contract"..


Norwood apparently had never heard of Google, or any form of social media, or even a newpaper, to confirm the marriage status of her babydaddy.

Not exactly a credit to the ol' Alma Mater.


@alexispaige Arian wants the child aborted, but he'd be a great dad and custodian/guardian of the child once born? You, sir, are an ass.


@Don_Mynack  Or Arian gave her the good old "yeah, I am married, but we are separated, getting divorced..." line.


@Nate @Don_Mynack I bet he also wrote her some crappy poetry thinking he'd look suave and be able to get more freaky grind action with her. He's a jerk.

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