6 Antiquated Objections to Mayor Parker's Marriage (and Same-Sex Marriage in General) on Social Media

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Seems perfectly normal to most.
As recently as 25 years ago, an openly gay mayor would have seemed inconceivable to most people in Houston. A lot can change and we are now in the third term of Mayor Annise Parker, the only one of the few openly gay mayors in America (Editor Note: as pointed out to us by readers, this is incorrect). Last week, it was announced Parker and her longtime partner, Kathy Hubbard, were married in Palm Springs, California, where it is legal.

There were years when Parker was on City Council and had the longest successful relationship of her peers, all of whom were straight. This included Rob Todd and Bert Keller, two ultra-conservative council members who found themselves embroiled in scandal when, in 2000, it was revealed Todd was sleeping with Keller's wife.

Today, we know the place everyone goes to vent about such things is social media. Predictably, those who oppose gay marriage -- and gays in general it would seem -- acted out online when they heard of Parker's nuptials. Just like those who used racial slurs to describe Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks after his post game rant on Sunday, there was plenty of fodder to be found criticizing the Mayor and her partner that was of a derogatory nature. Name callers have become so commonplace online, they are merely background noise at this point. But, there were others trying as hard as they could to push the same tired arguments about gays and same-sex marriage as well. The more of them I read, the more bizarre and antiquated they sounded.


This is the simplest and most childish of retorts to all things homosexual: it's gross. It would almost be elegant in its simplicity if it didn't sound like something that was uttered by a five year old. And given the massive amounts of porn floating around the Internet, sex tapes, violent horror movies (the most slasheriffic of which are referred to as "gorno"), nevermind the literally thousands of videos on YouTube of people popping pimples (yes, those exist) and doing all other manner of stomach-churning activities, I would think that two women getting married would be WAY down the list of things people would find "gross."

Think of the children!

There has been a long-running gag on The Simpson's where a woman in virtually every crowd where public policy is being decided yells out, "Won't somebody please think of the children!" It is a common rant coming from parents innocently trying to protect their children, yet it can go overboard. This is a collective delusion that parents share, believing they can someone "protect" their children from all the evils of the world. But, if your children are on the Internet, chances are, by now they know more about sex than you do, so your point is moot.

It's all part of the "gay agenda."

Conservative State Senator -- and former talk show host -- Dan Patrick was one of the first to call Mayor Parker's marriage a part of her bigger "agenda," a word conservatives have used for years to attempt to cloak gays in some sort of illuminati conspiracy, hell bent on turning everyone gay like. But, if this is truly some sort of plot, it is literally the least effective one ever devised. In most parts of the world, gays have barely any rights at all, something that has been highlighted by the Russian stance on homosexuality as we approach the Winter Olympics. In some countries, being gay is punishable by death. Clearly, this "agenda" has failed miserably as a strategy or we'd all be gay by now.

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Beautiful marriage. Beautiful people. 


I get a laugh when I hear complaints from self-described "Christians" who feel they are being oppressed and called "hateful names" ... like "bigot".

They never seem to think it IS bigoted to compare some people's loving, consenting, committed, adult, human relationships to "rape", "incest", "child-molestation", "bestiality", "necrophilia", "marryin' a plant/rock/bicycle" or "worse than terrorists". And still they do it, and yet somehow expect "respectful dialogue" in return for these insults.

They're meant solely to diminish, demean, debase, denigrate total strangers whom they deem as the 'other' (meaning 'the lesser; 'the baser').

Shame on them. They deserve the epithets they get. They've EARNED them.


If you cut to the chase, much of the hostility centers around Churches that object to performing gay marriage. 


One of the many reasons I'm pro-gay rights is precisely because of the children. You have to leave open the possibility that they're gay. Wouldn't it be awful if they come out to you after you've said all those horrible things about gay people? 

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

I am truly annoyed by "Christians" who think just because they are "believers" that they are somehow exempt from the consequences of their speech.  Being religious does not give you special privileges or prestige. You act like a dumbass, expect to be called out on it.  Oh, and being called out on it is NOT persecution.  If you think it is, I suggest you talk to some Christians in Egypt, or Indonesia, or Nigeria, or China, or.....

Congrats to Mayor Parker and Kathy Hubbard! May you have many joyous years together!


@Puller58 Which is baseless since we live in America, and no church has to perform ANY marriage they don't want to, gay or otherwise. 


@Puller58 No church is required to do so, so any such 'complaint is invalid (certainly irrelevant) from the get-go.


@FattyFatBastard Yes, that story about Anthony Graves is very compelling. It's on the Chronicle's web page today. It's been covered extensively by other websites and magazines, too, and it will continue to be covered. I'm sure it will be on the evening news a few times on several stations, probably across the state. The media is big, dude. There's room for a lot of different stories.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@Anse To me, 3 articles about gay persecution in 1 month is excessive.


@FattyFatBastard By the way, let me give you a little advice on how the Internet works. You'll thank me.

Take a look on the right hand side of the screen. See those? Those are advertisements. People pay money to put those advertisements on the right on hand on the screen. 

Now, see that link you clicked on to get here? The fact that you clicked on it means that you were in interested in this story and then the people who own those advertised on the right PAID this site to show you this story. 

So, are you onto me yet? Because you clicked on this, the site owners got money. The more you click on gay stories, the more money they get. In fact, the fact that you commented on it means that it generated even MORE buzz, meaning MORE people will click on this story meaning they get paid MORE money because you commented on it!

You see, most people who aren't interested in stories a) Don't click on them and b) Don't comment on them. But because you did not one but BOTH, that incentivizes the site to publish MORE of those stories, not fewer. 

Final hint: There's an X in the upper right on corner of your screen. If in the future you find any stories that you're truly not interested in, you're free to click it at any time. 

You're welcome. Always glad to help! 


@FattyFatBastard Not if one is gay and/or persecuted (i.e. most people whom this debate concerns).

Or shouldn't opinion-writers follow and keep up with the news?


@FattyFatBastard Well, stop the promotion of laws and beliefs that homosexuals are second-class citizens and the news stories will stop.

Are gays and lesbians citizens?  Then they should be treated under law just like everyone one else.  We have so many people that want to put barriers on what people can do because they are different.  Stop it.

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