5 Lessons Learned from Snowpocalypse 2014

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This is how we do it.
3. Don't go on the freeway.

There were something like 113 accidents before 9 a.m. last Thursday. The vast majority of them were on the freeway, many of them due to the ice on overpasses. Your best bet during these rare times of winter weather is to stay away from the freeway...as far away as possible.

2. People really should stay home.

This can be very difficult for those who have to work, but if there is any way for you to take a day off, do it. There is no point in risking your safety and the safety of others by getting on the road and driving through the crappy weather. Stay in bed under a blanket or make the world's tiniest snowman.

1. We are wusses.

Houstonians freak out when it rains, so when there is weather below freezing, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we have no clue what to do. But, still. It's like sheer panic out there. People up north drive through this crap three or four months of the year. We can't take one day every three or four years?

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John D Vrbanac
John D Vrbanac

I look forward to round two. I had the nicest commute ever on Thursday

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