10 Tech Resolutions for an App-y New Year

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Ways to avoid your own personal Fail Whale in 2014.
Every year beginning January 2, people start with resolutions they can't or won't possibly stick with, as if the arbitrary start to a new calendar year is going to be the impetus we all need to be better, skinnier, healthier, smarter and less drunk. By February, it's all over and we try to figure out what the hell we were thinking making stupid resolutions anyway.

The good news is that technology resolutions are much easier to keep. You don't have to exercise or stop drinking or give up cheese puffs and orange soda. You can be the biggest geek the world has ever seen and keep every promise to yourself.

But not all of these resolutions are about being more technically adept or learning code. Actually, most of the resolutions you should make for 2014 are about using your tech better and making your life and the life of your virtual friends easier and more pleasant.

10. Don't stare at your phone when you are with someone.

Wireless technology has provided us with many amazing conveniences. We use smartphones for everything from communication to finding driving directions to listening to music and a million things in between. But, the fascination with this technology often leads us to stare blankly into our tiny pixellated screens even if we happen to be sitting with others. Not only is it isolating, but it's rude. If you are having dinner or spending time with friends, put the phone down. Whatever it is, it can wait.

9. Get into the cloud.

The "cloud" for quite sometime seemed like this daunting thing that was reserved for hardcore nerds and companies with big server networks. But, now it is accessible to everyone and we don't even need to use the word "cloud" to benefit from it. Apps like Dropbox and SugarSync as well as services like Google Drive and iCloud help us store files so we can access them anywhere. Google, Amazon and Apple have music storage and streaming services to get massive music libraries off our hard drives. Even passwords (LastPass), notes and recipes (Evernote) e-mail (Gmail) and entire computers (Carbonite) can be protected and downloaded anywhere. Don't be intimidated. It will make your life easier.

8. Share good content.

Most of us routinely share information with our friends online, but is it all quality information? One of the big problems with the Internet is that anyone can share information and there are very few filters for it. So, this year, learn to be judicious with what you share on Facebook, Twitter and the like. We'll all be better for it.

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