Zapruder Analysis of Two Chicks Brawling at Intersection of Harwin and South Gessner

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Breaking: Chicks fighting!
The holidays can be awfully stressful. The parties, the presents, the expenses, they can all make normally sane people do insane things.

To say, though, that the video you're about to see has anything to do with holiday stress is probably giving too much benefit of the doubt. Completely judging two books by their respective covers, I'm going to guess that the two women in the video you're about to see would have found a reason to brawl in the middle of July given the circumstances (although heat exhaustion would have set in at about the seven-second mark in the summer heat).

For today's Christmas cautionary tale, we go to Channel 2's coverage of this fender bender at the intersection of Harwin and South Gessner...

(NOTE: The raw footage of the fight from beginning to end is on Facebook.)

Let's break down not just the fight itself, but Channel 2's coverage of the fight. Zapruder starts now...

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Sachse is not aging well. Good thing she married that Liver Spot guy when she did.


I am Joel Eisenbaum and I approve of this analysis.


Crazy is as crazy does, and the Xmas season certainly brings out the crazy...

Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts

Chicks?? Come on! these ain't chicks. cows and pigs more like it

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