Zapruder Analysis of Gary Patterson's Rant on Art Briles's Being Classless

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Gary Patterson is not amused, Art Briles.
There was a time not all that long ago when beef between TCU and Baylor would have been the functional equivalent of a lower mid card bout on a WWE pay per view, with the relative level of care being confined to close friends, family, ardent alums and maybe "Mean" Gene Okerlund.

Now, with Bedlam coming up this weekend in Stillwater (still a perpetual Big 12 main event caliber beef between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State) and with Texas and Texas A&M always hating each other with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns (even though their rivalry on the field is clinically dead), a TCU-and-Baylor tiff is still probably mid card material in the South, but at least now it's for, like, the Intercontinental title or something.

Why is this important today? Well, because TCU head coach Gary Patterson has about had it with Art Briles, had it with Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon and probably had it with the 2013 season altogether.

Patterson said as much in his post-game presser after the Horned Frogs' 41-38 loss to Baylor in Fort Worth on Saturday.

Of course, any viewing and subsequent Zapruder of what is about to be an angry rant by an emotionally frazzled college football coach must be prefaced with the bigger picture, which to some degree always seeps into whatever anger we are watching take place before our very eyes, and for Patterson and TCU the big picture on the field has been difficult since moving to the Big 12 in 2012. (Off the field, in the university's checkbook, it's probably been quite fruitful.)

After losing 13 games combined from 2005 to 2011 as a member of the Mountain West Conference, Patterson's teams have lost 14 games in the past two seasons. Perhaps contributing to a certain frustration level is that their 4-8 record this season is quite deceiving, with their final three losses coming by a total of eight points and with all eight losses coming by a combined total of 68 points (a relatively low total for a 4-8 team in a conference flush with offenses that typically pound 4-8 teams).

So on Saturday, after Dixon was called for a targeting penalty on TCU wide receiver Trevone Boykin, and was then spotted on the Baylor sideline reportedly laughing about it (well, about something), Patterson had seen enough. Obviously, there's a lot more bleeding into this rant than just a Dixon issue. It's a pretty compelling look at what one Big 12 head coach clearly thinks of the integrity (or lack thereof) of one of his peers.

Take a look....

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Dixon is a dirty player...period (as GP would say!). Two Baylor honks come on here just like all of those "good Christian" Baylor fans, they act like Dixon did nothing wrong. "illegal is not the same as dirty"...BS! Take off your green glasses and see Dixon for what he is, a scumbag. Look at his twitter where he retweeted this: "@MrBU_5ix keep putting them boys in a coma yo. They scared to step on the field with you . #football is a contact sport.". SO, he's not dirty but he's out there trying to put people in a coma, come on, it's a contact sport but they have rules to protect people and he's out there breaking them trying to hurt people and then laughing about it. And this isn't his first incident, he had his assault charge before the season, was probably part of the Baylor-OU scuffle before that game, then in the OU game he stood over an OU receiver who had been knocked out (not even by him, but he had to run his mouth anyway) and gloated and got a penalty for that. He's a habitual line stepper (CHARLIE MURPHY!), who needs to get put in check. You can say what you want about TCU's drug bust, but all those players were kicked off the team, as was the starting QB when he got a DWI last year. Patterson takes care of discipline in his program and doesn't think twice on potentially sacrificing a win if there's a chance to help build a kid's character (Devonte Fields missing the LSU game). All that being said, Gary Patterson didn't need to go on and on about this at such length and was probably redirecting frustration on a game he felt he should have won and on a season with many games like that. I do think this rivalry is only going to get worse though, have fun losing to Texas this weekend and we'll see you next year for your first loss in your new stadium, Go Frogs!


I'm actually unable to breathe because I'm laughing so hard. Seriously though, Patterson made this so much bigger than it really was. Dixon made an illegal hit (note: illegal is not the same as "dirty". He was thrown out of the game. End of discussion. Art Briles doesn't need a lecture on how to coach his boys. He's been doing it longer than you GP. I think he gets it. Also, every heard that old saying about people in glass houses? Or the one about a man with a branch in his own eye (come on that one is in the are Texas CHRISTIAN University after all). How about you take some of that sage wisdom and put it to good use. Take your 4-8 season and go get your good night sleep like you said you would, because I can assure you that Briles and Dixon are doing just that. See you next year GP.

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