Zapruder Analysis of Bob McNair's Press Conference to Address the Firing of Gary Kubiak

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The definitive press conference Zapruder.
We all knew that Gary Kubiak's firing was coming eventually, but very clearly we didn't all know when it was coming, because the assumption was that Texans owner Bob McNair would wait until after the season to drop the news on Kubiak that his services would no longer be required.

Instead, on the heels of a 14-penalty performance that perfectly embodied the charred remains of a once above average team that Kubiak had now led into the NFL abyss, McNair had seen enough.

Enough stupid penalties, enough junior high special teams, enough Matt Schaub. Enough, enough, enough.

So on Friday morning, Gary Kubiak's Jacksonville loss postmortem turned into Bob McNair's Gary Kubiak postmortem, as a hastily called press conference took place at around 11:15 a.m. Nineteen minutes later, Gary Kubiak was done.

Around 72 hours later, a few names have popped up on the Texans' radar, a few have been immediately eliminated, and with three remaining regular season games now essentially rendered to background noise status, the search is on for the Texans' third head coach.

The only thing at this point we have to parse out from McNair is that 19-minute session with the media (along with whatever nuggets the regulars on the Texans' media circuit dole out based on leaks and hearsay), so it's probably not a bad idea to try and level set this whole thing using the Zapruder method on Friday's powwow.

(My apologies on a lack of embedded video. If anyone has an embeddable version of the press conference, hit me up. Otherwise, open the link to the press conference's page in a separate window and follow along.)

Here we go... (and unless otherwise noted, the quotes are from Bob McNair, my comments preceded by "SP")

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Don't you think it was kind of necessary for McNair to be so proactive about discussing Keenum?  Getting his name out, showing confidence for the kid that just had what was left of his confidence completely crushed by Kubiak's decision to pull him, again, for Schaub?  

Seems like McNair knew what he was doing in building up the confidence in the rookie that needs to play so he can bounce back from it.  Look at what happened the game after the last time he was pulled (Jacksonville part 1).  He had the worst game he's ever had in his short stint as a QB in the NFL.  I'm pretty sure that was the scheme. 

Now, let's also talk about the claim of 2013 being the best team vs everyone else saying, "no way, McNair!  2011 was the best!  You crazy!"  

2011 was probably the most talented roster we had in the history of the franchise.  That is hard to argue.  If we had a healthy QB...if we didn't have that Jones blunder...if that solid core had the experience of winning and playoffs behind them...things could have been much different.  But you can't win on ifs.  We got playoff experience for the first time that year.  That was valuable.  We came back to have the best season ever, and our starting QB got much needed playoff experience.  That, too, was valuable.  So we then started 2013 with a talented core group of players on both offense and defense, and a starting and backup QB that had gone through the playoff process.  That experience counted tremendously.  So when you take that to the papers, you have the 2 recent runs to the playoffs, with a similar core group of players that you had in 2011, then you can come to the conclusion that this is the best team yet.  In theory, McClain was right about that.  However, as we've seen, you can win on theory just as much as you can on ifs.  

McNair's not completely off base.  Let's just hope he has a good method for bringing in the coaching staff we need.  


I already "knew" Kubiak cost himself his job when he put Schaub in the second time.  (And the only reason he tried twice with Schaub was to see if Schaub could sneak in a game winning drive to get the fans off his back so McNair would accept him as the starter.)  Of course getting himself fired has doomed his buddy to the bench and whatever team opts to use him as a back up.  (As odd as it seems, there have been so many injuries this year that I've only been surprised by how Vince Young, Dante Culpepper and a couple of other QBs didn't get picked up by anyone.)  As for the next head coach, I have a feeling Rick Smith is going to try and lobby for someone he can "control."  And yes, a GM should have control, but given Rick's picks, I'm not sold on him as GM, and a smart head coach might pass on having him looking over his shoulder or I'd suggest Mike Holmgren.  Better luck next year.

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