Unveiling the King of Content 2013: The Honorable Mentions

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Pool dunks got a lot of run this year.
Relevance. It can be measured any number of ways, it just depends on the medium.

In television, it's measured by viewership. In radio, it's measured by listenership. In stripping, it's measured in one-dollar bills. Quantity might not necessarily mean quality (except in stripping), but typically it does correlate to noteworthiness.

To that end, in this here Hair Balls blog, my little corner of it at least, relevance to me is probably measured by how much I write about something. Admittedly, I write about some inane things on occasion, but by and large, the topics I write about mirror what people around Houston and those who frequent my posts are discussing that day.

So as we wind down 2013, it begs the question -- who was most relevant this past year based on my posts? Who could I count on when I needed a good topic to dig into?

It's all about content, so what I'm really asking is, "Who was the King of Content for 2013?"

So I went back through the "Sean Pendergast" filter of the Hair Balls galaxy in the Houston Press universe, and literally counted up who the most frequent main subjects of posts were going back to January 1, 2013. The final tally actually ended up being a fairly representative cross section of what had sports fans in Houston (and points beyond) talking throughout 2013.

So over the next several days, leading up to January 1, 2014, we will count down my top ten most blogged about (and therefore, in a rudimentary way, the most relevant) topics, with all roads leading to the crowning of the King of Content for the year 2013 by the middle of next week.

You can hardly contain yourself, right? Yeah, I thought so.

NOTE: For purposes of this exercise, since they were weekly or regularly scheduled features, I disqualified BATTLE-DRINK, Best Bets, 4 Winners 4 Losers, and "Zapruders" as a general meme (although if there were a Zapruder about a specific person or subject, that person or subject got credit for the post in his or her own tally).

Make sense? Good.

Now, before we get to the top ten, there were a few who just missed the cut. Here are 2013's honorable mentions (with number of posts in parentheses):

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