This Weekend's Best Bets: Tim Tebow's TV Career Odds

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Is TV Tebowing next?
Unlike virtually any other vocation, professional sports has a very finite, and for most players a very short shelf life. This makes post career planning (and saving money) a crucially important life skill.

What will I do for work? How will I pay the bills?

For numerous athletes, this transition has been made easier through the vast availability of decently paying jobs in television and radio, to the extent that the Bristol campus of ESPN has practically become a quasi pension plan for numerous former NFL and MLB players, stars and non-stars alike.

So it's not all that surprising that reported earlier this week that there is a three network bidding war on the horizon to land the services of Tim Tebow, who is reportedly resigned to the fact that this NFL dream may finally be over. Presumably his role with one of these networks would be as a college football analyst.

(Much more surprising than ESPN and company priming the pump for Tebow is that it took the NFL this long to finally stop making phone calls to him about playing quarterback.)

So realistic is this possibility that, yes, is taking action on it! Here are those odds:

NFL WEEK 14 SPECIALS - Which network will hire Tim Tebow first?
ESPN 1/2
FOX 2/1
CBS 4/1

These look about right -- ESPN has the resources, the track record (hire everybody!), and the long discussed "Tebow love" (see Sportscenter from mid 2011 through end of 2012). FOX makes the most sense in that it would bring people over to the fledgling FOX Sports 1 network. CBS is a logical third option given how intertwined they are with the SEC, where presumably Tebow would be able to provide the most insight.

Now the next question is "Will Tim Tebow be any good at game analysis, or any analysis for that matter?" For that prop bet, I'd say the odds are something like this:

YES +2000
NO -4000

Lost in the shuffle of Tebow-mania and the networks' tripping over themselves to cover him as a player and potentially sign him as an analyst is that he's, quite frankly, not very interesting. Nor very insightful. Nor reputedly all that bright as quarterbacks go.

His well known convictions spiritually are a huge reason he has his unconditional followers, his success as a college quarterback are a huge reason he has his football fans (largely confined to the southeast part of the United States), and beyond that, the zealousness of his following is why the rest of the world watches, not so much out of admiration but out of amazement.

What's the fascination with this guy? Why am I so fascinated with the fascination?

Logical questions asked to non-religious, non-SEC football fans who find themselves glued to Tebow coverage. If ever there was a guy who the media covered because they thought everyone wanted to see him, and then we all subsequently watched because we were fed him like he was supposed to be a big deal, it's Tebow.

The thing about being an analyst is that he will need to be insightful and entertaining or people will tune out. The same way many of us eventually tuned out when it was clear the NFL had finally realized he sucks at pro football, people will turn on Tebow the second they realize there's not much there in the analysis tank.

I may be wrong, and if I am, good for him. But I'd bet "NO -4000" on Tebow succeeding as a game analyst. My gut feel.

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Tebow is a curiosity.  A "reality" tv star as it were, so he and Snookie are on a par.  Now to be fair, Kurt Warner could actually play football, but anytime I've heard him "analyze", he's pretty lame, so...

WestSideBob topcommenter

C'mon Man ... no love for the Rice Owls ! ? ! ?

WestSideBob topcommenter

@sean.pendergast @WestSideBob How did you feel about your choice Saturday evening ? :-)

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