This Weekend's Best Bets: "Texans New Head Coach" Odds Are Out!

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Next coach up?
Before the 2013 NFL season started, you could get odds on which head coach would be the first one fired this season. (I have no idea what it must feel like to have people betting on your employment status, but it's not for me to be the moral compass of wagering. The odds are out there, and therefore we must evaluate them. Sorry.)

The suspects were not all that surprising. Go back and scour the bottom of the standings from the previous season, see which of those guys have been in their job the longest (especially without any deep playoff success), and VOILA! There's your list.

Here was that list back in the 2013 preseason:

Rex Ryan, New York Jets -- 3/2
Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders -- 3/1
Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans -- 5/1
Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers -- 11/2
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys -- 15/2
Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions -- 12/1

So who was the winner? Well, "FIELD" if it had been available.

The first head coach fired this season turned out to be the Texans' own Gary Kubiak. I'm not sure how far down that list would have had to extend to include Kubiak, but I think it's safe to say that combining the Texans' Super Bowl dreams with Bob McNair's unflinching patience, Kubiak would have been a "bottom fiver."

Instead, much like Auburn in the BCS title game, the longshot came in.

(By the way, a quick run through that list, and I would guess that of those six guys, three wind up getting fired. Allen and Munchak are near locks. And then one of the Ryan, Garrett, Schwartz trio, in that order of likelihood. Rivera has inexplicably become a larger, Hispanic version of Belichick, all of a sudden.)

So now not only did Kubiak personally destroy everyone's tickets on that "first coach fired" prop, but the search for his replacement has given everybody another way to lose their money. Here is the list and odds, according to

Lovie Smith 5/2
Art Briles 11/4
Ken Whisenhunt 4/1
David Shaw 5/1
Kevin Sumlin 5/1
Wade Philips 15/2
John Gruden 15/1
Bill Cowher 15/1

My first reaction...Art Briles in second place! Art Briles wasn't even on an NFL radar like two weeks ago, but now with his pet pupil at Baylor (RG3) hating his current head coach, and Briles' showing up at Texans practice the other day, all of a sudden he's second? I guess? This feels like an insider trading thing where they're trying to suck rich Baylor alums in, like the Webistics scandal in Season 2 of The Sopranos.

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My hunch is Wisenhunt gets the nod.  He may regret it.

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