This Weekend's Best Bets: One Last Stab at Christmas Spending Money

Think the Broncos will cover?
I think of all the sports, the NFL strikes the perfect balance of regular season meaningfulness, rewards for regular season success, and playoff inclusiveness. Certainly, the 2013 NFL season backs that up with a Week 16 slate that sees almost two thirds of the league with playoff hopes still alive.

And because of the first round bye as the reward for upper-, upper-level success, you still have teams with clinched playoff spots striving to avoid first round games (in the case of teams like the Chiefs and Broncos, first round road games!) In fact, with 19 teams still technically alive for the playoffs, 13 of the 16 games have some sort of postseason implication.

Even better, we are looking at a possible Week 17 dance card with de facto play-in (winner is in, loser goes home) games in the NFC East, NFC North and AFC North and for an NFC wild card spot (San Francisco at Arizona). How awesome would that be?!

VERY awesome.

Now, let's get cracking on this week's slate...

TEXANS +10 1/2 over Broncos
The way this season has gone, the sea of pathos that it has become with so many traumatic and improbable storylines, the only way it can possibly end would be for the Texans to somehow screw up the consolation prize (the number one overall pick in the draft) by beating the best team in the AFC as a double digit underdog. I don't think it happens, but oddly enough, I think that Matt Schaub (and whatever Sith power he is deriving from his facial hair) gives them a chance to hang close against a pretty sorry Denver defense. Along those lines...

Broncos/TEXANS OVER 53
....let's double up and assume that there will be a ton of points scored. A ton.

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Great analysis so i dont understand your overall record...

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