Rocksgiving: Rockets on Six-Game Roll, Finish November 13-5

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Helping us forget the Texans since November 2013.
In the month of November, the Rockets won three more games than the Texans have lost in their entire far. Such is the distinction between a team bottoming out and one clearly on the rise. The most recent evidence of both being a loss to the Patriots for the Texans and a win over the Spurs for the Rockets.

In the latter, the Rockets amassed a 23-point lead before surrendering it and trailing in the second half. They rallied to win on the road against a San Antonio team that had only two losses in 16 tries. It was as impressive and heartening a win for the Rockets as the Texans' loss was depressing and not surprising.

Making their recent streak all the more remarkable, James Harden sat out three of the team's last four games, Jeremy Lin did not play against San Antonio and will be out for another two weeks with a deep knee bruise and strain, and Chandler Parsons played through excruciating back spasms, even sealing the win over the Spurs with a breakaway dunk before crumpling to the ground in pain.

In short, the Rockets are NOT the Texans.

In San Antonio, the Rockets battled back against a run by clearly the best team in the Western Conference, something even coach Kevin McHale admitted afterwards might not have happened a month ago. Assistant coach Kelvin Sampson said during a halftime interview that they believed all along the team would be better in November and December than it was in October. Given the Rockets' record and the level of dominance they are displaying over mediocre teams, never mind wins against good teams as on Saturday night in San Antonio, that may be an understatement.

Most impressive, this is a squad that wins as a group. Dwight Howard is the team's third leading scorer behind Harden and Parsons, yet he is most often the guy you see up off the bench congratulating players as they come off the floor and cheering for big plays. Omer Asik, despite still being brought up constantly in trade rumors, is finding his role as a defender and rebounder off the bench. Both Lin and Patrick Beverley have done well and Aaron Brooks has gone from third-string point guard to the second best three-point shooter in the NBA.

Speaking of, the Rockets have started to find their rhythm, shooting nearly 42 percent in the last five games and quickly moving up the NBA rankings in that category. Francisco Garcia and Omri Casspi have been particularly effective off the bench as scorers.

The Rockets lead the league in scoring, are second in field goal percentage, third in blocks, second in rebounding, second in three pointers attempted and first in three pointers attempted and, perhaps the most telling stat, fourth in plus-minus differential, which measures the difference between what they score and what opponents score.

Needless to say, they are one of the hottest teams in the NBA and they still aren't fully healthy.

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Amy McMullen
Amy McMullen

At leased we have 2 teams that are Hot right now! Rockets & Dynamo!

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