Photo With Santa Turns Into "I Do" for Homeless Couple

Courtesy HCSO
The happy couple with Santa and his helpers.
Christmas can be tough when your budget is stretched thin. Now, imagine being homeless. Sometimes, all you have is each other. Such is the case with one happy couple, who ran into Santa outside the Harris County Sheriff's Office dispatch center where he had been with SCSO Chaplain Virginia Howell visiting with employees. The couple asked to have their baby's photo taken with the jolly fat man, but another request surprised Howell and St. Nick.

Apparently, the couple was homeless, but trying to get married. They couldn't afford the $40 fee and were making their way to the courthouse to see out someone who would hitch them for free. Howell offered to perform the ceremony on the spot at no charge.

Moments later, the couple was standing in the sally port outside 1301 Franklin avoiding the rain and saying "I do." Several HCSO employees and Santa himself acted as witnesses. Turns out, Kris Kringle is also an ordained minister -- the guy does it all!

Within minutes, the happy couple had their own Christmas miracle. Here's hoping their honeymoon is filled with joy and the new year brings all the happiness Santa can offer. Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!

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