Latest CSN Developments Could Lead to New TV Deals

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In fact, the willingness by the Astros to relinquish control could be seen as recognition that their fight to block deals they believe are not financially favorable is over, instead preferring to focus on the lawsuit with CSN and McLane. If that is the case, it could clear the way for the Rockets to acquire the struggling network and get games on the air fairly soon.

Wisely, the Rockets said in a statement Thursday they intend to keep negotiations VERY close to the vest and not discuss them publicly, unlike Crane, who might be learning a lesson in discretion during this process.

There is still a long way to go and another hearing has been scheduled for January 7, but Rockets owner Leslie Alexander has always been aggressive when pursuing arrangements he believes benefit his organization. With the Rockets playing well this season while the Texans and Astros struggle, Alexander knows this is the time to rekindle the city's interest in the Rockets, but that won't happen without TV deals in place that broadcast games into more than 40 percent of Houston homes.

Maybe a Christmas miracle will occur and Houston fans will get to see more than A Christmas Story on their TVs this holiday season.

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