Jameis Winston Wins the Heisman, Now Where Will He Put It?

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Winston wins.
For a Heisman Trophy race that was about as lopsided as, well, many of the recent ones, the 2013 Heisman race had its fair share of storylines.

You had last season's winner, Johnny Manziel, no stranger to storylines of his own, as one of the finalists, the fourth former winner to make a repeat appearance in New York as a finalist. He was also the fourth to leave empty-handed. Well, kind of empty handed.

You had this season's eventual winner, Florida State freshman Jameis Winston, and his candidacy almost thwarted by a sexual assault investigation that eventually didn't turn up enough evidence against Winston to pursue a trial.

The effects of the investigation itself, while not drastic enough to keep Winston from winning the hardware, were profound enough to keep 115 of the 900 voters from putting Winston on their three-place ballot altogether. (To be fair, there may be voters who actually didn't see Winston as one of the three best players in the country. So if you're one of those voters, I'm not talking about you.)

In the end, like nearly all of Florida State's actual football games this season, it all added up to a blowout.

Winston won the 2013 Heisman Trophy by the seventh-widest margin in the history of the award, earning 2,205 points to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's 704 points. Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch was third with 558 points.

Boston College's Andre Williams was the top running back, coming in fourth with 470 points. Manziel ended up fifth with 421, while Auburn Tigers running back Tre Mason was sixth with 404. (It would have been fascinating to see where Mason would have finished if the balloting had been completed after his 303-yard performance against Missouri in the SEC Title Game.)

The margin of victory was the seventh largest in Heisman history. Winston earned 668 first-place votes while McCarron was first on 79 ballots.

Winston was the second straight freshman to win the award, which means he will be the second straight sophomore trying to repeat. If Winston's scare with the law these past several weeks (which may or may not be over) wasn't enough, certainly, watching Manziel deal with and, at times, feed the scrutiny that came with being a Heisman winner, an underage one at that, should give the Florida State signal caller enough of a blueprint to know how to approach 2014.

In the meantime, now comes the big question -- what does Winston do with the actual trophy? (You thought I was gonna say, "Who will compete with Winston next season?" didn't you? You did. That will be a post for another time, after the draft eligibles figure out their futures.)

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I could be mean, but I'll skip that comment.  Now would he be a good pick for the Texans?  Frankly, I have this sinking feeling that the next coach will take another position player and pick the QB later in the draft. 

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