Jags 27, Texans 20: So Close and Yet So Schaub

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No moral victories.
In what has got to have been one of the worst match ups in the history of Thursday Night Football, an already God awful concept the NFL concocted to keep fans interested in the middle of the week, the Texans and Jaguars -- arguably the league's two worst teams (and franchises?) -- played a fairly entertaining game. In typical 2013-14 season fashion for the Texans, it ended in a loss as they fell 27-20 to Jacksonville. It was the first win for Jacksonville at home since last November and their fourth win in five games, two of which came at the expense of Houston.

The loss keeps the Texans firmly in the driver's seat for the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft. Neither team was particularly good, but the Texans lack of discipline, which led them to 14 penalties for an astonishing 177 yards, ultimately cost them. Add to that the fact that Matt Schaub, once again, took over for Case Keenum late in the third quarter and managed one touchdown to go with a critical interception and a sack on the final play of the game and, well sir, you have the Texans season in a nutshell.

With remaining games at Indianapolis, home for Denver and at Tennessee, there is no reason to think the Texans will win again this season and every reason to believe they will have a new quarterback (and coach) to start next season.

What went right: Thursday Night Game Means No Wasted Sunday
The best part of a Thursday night game is that my Sunday is not bogged down with having to watch another miserable Texans loss. I can do more fun stuff like rake the yard or punch myself repeatedly in the face.

What went wrong: Penalties
When you have 14 penalties for 177 yards, something went very, very wrong. When a handful of those artificially propped up drives for the opponent and even led to scores (including unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on third down), it means your team has zero discipline.

What must improve: Anger Management
In the second straight week, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a third down cost the Texans. In this case, DJ Swearinger got a taunting penalty that sustained a drive for the Jags and led to points on the board. It was immature, stupid and, as Chronicle beat writer would so aptly put it, pathetic.

What should stay the same: Keep on Losing
The only thing they have to lose is losing itself. The No. 1 pick in the draft has real value for a team that needs help all over the field. Keep in mind that the result of finishing last is drafting first in every round of the draft. Having those picks also makes them valuable trade commodities as well.

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It all Boob McNair's fault. He doesn't know what in hell he's doing. What a loser. He makes Bud Adams looks like the best owner ever.


Kubiak has decided to accept being fired.  The last time he put Schaub in, it was clear he hoped that getting the winning score would get the fans off Schaub's back and Kubiak could put his friend back in as full time starter.  Now with a miserable season virtually guaranteeing a changing of the guard, Kubiak's stubborn streak resurfaces and he'll likely keep Schaub on the field and dare McNair to fire him.  Works for me.

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