Gay NFL: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

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The '93 Oilers were OK with it, why aren't we?
Twenty years ago, there were two players on the Oilers who were gay and no one cared. Thus explains the report from the Houston Chronicle, a simple, almost afterthought of a story that was part of a roundup last week of articles about the 1993 Houston Oilers profiled in a recent NFL Network documentary. Theirs was a season of dramatic tumult -- far worse than anything that has befallen the lowly Texans this year -- and this was but a footnote in that story, never mentioned in the documentary and not even discussed until this it should be.

Last year, Jason Collins became the first NBA player to come out of the closet. Earlier in this NFL season, rumors were swirling that as many as a handful of current NFL players would break the silence and admit their sexuality in public -- that didn't happen. There are well-documented cases of former players in various sports, from the pros to olympians, coming out.

The larger question I keep asking myself every time I read something about this is: why do we care?

One of the great things about sports is that it is almost entirely about achievement. In a society where, far too often, success is measured through fame (or, more often, infamy) without merit, sport is the one place where you nearly always earn your name through hard work and winning.

Occasionally a bit of the TMZ will seep into athletics, but winning is the ultimate marker of real success. Every year, thousands of athletes take to the ice, pitch, field, track, diamond, course and court. At the end of each season, race and tournament, only one team and/or athlete can be the winner. Second place is still losing. To steal of quote from the great Ricky Bobby, "If you're not first, you're last." That is what makes it so difficult to be a champion.

Which is why I find it so frustrating that anyone cares at all about who athletes sleep with. No one is stupid enough to believe that sports is where only manly men who lust after feminine women play (we'll exclude women's sports where there have been openly gay athletes for quite some time). It is generally accepted that in nearly every locker room, there is someone who isn't straight, so why is it still an issue?

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I would think in a few years it will not be a big deal.  2013 was a coming out year and good year for gay marriage.  Hopefully, all the states finally allow gay marriage and all of this will be old news.


In the future it will not be newsworthy when anybody comes out of the closet. It's just hard to know if we'll recognize that the future has arrived when it does. 


It still smacks of sensationalism when you consider the testoserone laden aspect of the game.  I remember talking with a guy who did a brief stint in pro-wrestling as an announcer  and being hit on by Superstar Billy Graham.  For that matter, Richard Pryor once said that when he was on tour and peformed where a the Wrestling circuit was in town, he'd see them in the audience holding hands and kissing.  People equate muscles with heterosexuality which is silly. 


Because of Duck Die Nasty, that's why.

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