Galveston Officials Give Up Fight Over Great Dane, But Are Still Mum About Cruelty Investigation

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And you think YOU'VE had a rough week...
A Great Dane at the center of a custody dispute between an animal welfare group and Galveston County officials has been formally awarded to the welfare group, according to a lawyer for the New York-based Lexus Project.

Unfortunately, Nina -- who was brought injured and bloody to the Galveston County Animal Resource Center last week and is the subject of an abuse investigation -- bit a handler and vet tech after being moved from the shelter. She's now in her fourth day of a ten-day quarantine, Lexus Project lawyer Megan Penrod tells us. Neither bite required stitches, and Nina didn't even break the vet tech's skin, Penrod says.

After the Lexus Project won temporary custody of Nina last week, county officials filed a motion to quash the order of custody, saying the dog had technically been adopted by a Santa Fe woman -- and also referring to Galveston County Sheriff's Office investigation "related to the treatment of the Great Dane..."

But Penrod told us the county -- and the alleged adopter -- dropped their claims, and the Lexus Project handed Nina over to the Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas. Unfortunately, it was the rescue's co-founder, Judy Jones, who got bit. (Penrod says the incident occurred after the dog slipped out of her leash while getting out of the transport vehicle. Jones went to grab Nina, and that's when the dog simultaneously bit Jones's arm and defecated. The dog was literally scared shitless, and after the week she's had, we can't blame her.)

After quarantine in a Houston veterinarian's office, Nina will be released into the care of a trainer.

"She's doing great," Penrod tells us, but there's work ahead. "She's going to need some help...she's traumatized."

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