Fan Fighting League! Cowboy Fan Fights Falcon Fan On MARTA Train

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Fan fight, Cowboy style.
A lot of angst this time of year for football fans. Think about it, even the richest of the rich have something to bitch about this time of year.

The Broncos beat the Texans on Sunday, but lost pass rusher extraordinaire Von Miller for the rest of the season to an ACL tear. The Seahawks are on their way to a number one overall seed in the NFC, and they lost to Arizona on Sunday, at home.

So if the best teams are a little on edge, how do fans of the mediocre or bad teams feel? (That "bad" question is one Texan fans should be able to answer fairly easily.) Well, if this little battle between a Cowboy fan and a Falcon fan on the MARTA train is any indication, there's plenty of stress to go around.

Ok, before we Zapruder this thing, I think it's worth pointing out that this is the first FFL (short for "Fan Fighting League") video we've seen on a train. We've done several in the stands at games, we've done a few in the parking lot, but never on public transportation. So I'm giddy, like the same way I felt going into the first ever Hell In A Cell match in WWE.

Ok, Zapruder time now...

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ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING "ZAPRUDER" THING. It doesn't even make sense.

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