Could We Have Our First Real Hard Freeze Next Week?

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He's Mister 100 below!
Never say the weather around here isn't interesting. Early this week, we've been getting into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees with high humidity and morning fog. By Tuesday, it could be more than 50 degrees colder.

The National Weather Service is closely monitoring a blast of Arctic air that should reinforce a cold front moving through east Texas on Thursday. The cold front will bring much cooler temperatures, but shouldn't drop us below freezing. However, the cold air that begins seeping into our area by Monday could drop overnight lows into the 20s by Tuesday.

This would obviously be much more significant than temps hitting the freezing mark, but it would help kill off the local mosquito population.

But, don't expect any snow with this system. By the time those colder temperatures occur, it will likely have dried out and daytime highs, with the sunshine, should climb into the lower 40s.

Still, this would be a good time to make preparations for the first hard freeze of the season.

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Trillian Ninetysix
Trillian Ninetysix

It's like -20 in central Wyoming right now. THAT is cold. Just offering some perspective. ;-)

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