Colts 25, Texans 3: The Long, Painful Road Home

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So, so awful.
The Texans have never won in Indianapolis. Never. On Sunday, the status quo was thoroughly maintained with a 25-3 loss at the hands of the lackluster Colts. The Colts hadn't scored a first half touchdown in like 10 games (probably more like three, but that last sentence fragment may be the most dramatic thing related to Sunday's game, so let's go with it), but they got two against the lowly Texans, a little over a week after the firing of head coach Gary Kubiak.

Owner Bob McNair reportedly told the team he had no interest in the first pick in the 2014 draft and, instead, wanted a win in Indy and two more to follow. What he got was nearly as poor an effort as the Thursday night game that finally cost Kubiak (and special teams coach Joe Marciano) his job. In that game, the Texans had 14 penalties for 177 yards. Given those hideous numbers, the Texans showed improvement this week notching the same number of penalties, but this time for only 114 yards. At this point, you claw for any positive possible.

Speaking of good news, with wins by Minnesota, Atlanta and Cleveland, only Washington remains a threat to the No. 1 pick in the draft that McNair doesn't want. If the Texans were to end up tied with Washington in number of losses, it is likely the Redskins would wind up with the first pick based on strength of schedule, but given the pitiful performance by the Texans on Sunday, it is hard to imagine their losing streak will end before the season closes.

What went right: The game was conducive to napping.
Seriously, the Texans were out of it by the half and certainly by the midway point of the third quarter, which left plenty of time for napping on the sofa or, if you are like me, cleaning out the garage. Anything was preferable to watching that dreck.

What went wrong: Penalties...again
When the coach is fired because the team is completely undisciplined, it doesn't say much of the interim that the team looked just as bad. With a slew of pre-snap penalties, both sides of the ball -- and special teams -- looked disinterested and un-focused. It is hard to believe the team hasn't packed it in already.

What must improve: All of it.
This is the second time this year I've suggested everything must improve, but after Sunday's wretched performance, I've concluded it's simply the truth. Andre Johsnon was dropping passes it was so bad. The offseason can't come quickly enough.

What should stay the same: Keep on Losing
Second verse, same as the first. I'm not a fan of the Texans having the first pick because of what it means for the season and the franchise, but better to be in the driver's seat come draft day than have to wait to see what team's ahead of you decide to do.

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"Denver is playing for a division title and will need to win in Houston. If the line is less than 20 points, you should absolutely take the Colts."  Hmmm .. the Colts are 7 point underdogs  Kansas City.  The Broncos are 11 point (!) favorites  Houston.  Not sure I see the logic, but I'll take the Colts.


Tate has earned the right to play elsewhere.  (For that matter, with his injury history and same sort of mouthy opinion of the fans, Owen Daniels can join him.  For that matter, Antonio Smith is no keeper either.)  Keenum has buried his chances of being the starter.  Trade Andre Johnson so he can try for a ring elsewhere.  But Rick Smith ought to be on the firing line as well since he seems to be the sort of GM that the Oiler's Ladd Herzog was.  As for McNair's preference not to lose, he pretty much has to say that.  As for Wade, bringing in refs to "teach" about penalties is the sort of stunt Bum might have pulled.  Bye Wade.

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