College Football: What If This Weekend Were The Last One Before a 4 Team Playoff?

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It's conference championship weekend, which means that we have a handful of teams still vying for spots in the BCS Title Game and BCS bowl games. As best I can tell, we are down to five teams who still have a reasonable to remote chance to get into the title game:

Florida State and Ohio State control their own destiny, the winner of the SEC Title Game (Auburn/Missouri) is waiting for one of those two to screw up, and Alabama is lurking in case Duke shocks the world and knocks off Florida State or voters are unimpressed with Missouri in a win over Auburn.

There's very little debate expected, it seems pretty cut and dried. And usually that doesn't happen. Usually, there is heated debate. Usually, somebody is pissed off.

Next season there will be a four team playoff, which means the debate shifts from "Who is number two?" to "Who is number four?" So let's play make believe and pretend that there's a four team playoff this season. How compelling and important would several of these games truly be tomorrow? (And by "compelling" and "important" I mean championship implications. I know you Pac-12 and Big Ten people will try and sell me that the Rose Bowl is important. Save it.)

Right now, there are only three games that matter tomorrow: the ACC Title Game, the Big Ten Title Game, and the SEC Title Game.

So let's take a look. Pretend now we are in a world with a four team playoff.

While this season's two team championship game has five contenders, by my count I'd cut off the list of teams that have a pulse (faint as it may be) for a four team playoff at number eleven in the BCS rankings, and that's really reaching. But we'd rather include too many for debate than not enough.

Also, for purposes of our scenarios below, I'm assuming a Florida State win over Duke, what with that 29 point spread and all. Obviously, a Duke win throws everything into upheaval. The remaining games that matter all have reasonable spreads where you could see either side winning.

So let's do this!

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