City Councilman James Rodriguez Gets in a Fight on Twitter

Screenshot by Noah M. Horwitz
The beginning of City Councilman James Rodriguez's Twitter fight.

Yesterday the Houston City Council passed some pretty important law regarding payday loan lending. And then things got really interesting when District I City Councilman James G. Rodriguez took to Twitter to let everyone know his feelings on the subject. Obviously when a politician wants to be an ass, Twitter is the place to go.

He started by congratulating Chron reporter Lisa Falkenberg on the law getting passed, asked what Mayor Annise Parker's role was and then hashtagged the whole thing #BushLeague. Because, even on Twitter, this is a classy guy.

Chron sportswriter Jose de Jesus Ortiz then stepped up on behalf of his colleague, while noting a spelling mistake:

Screenshot by Noah M. Horwitz

Screenshot by Noah M. Horwitz

What ensued was a Twitter skirmish between Rodriguez, aka @cmjrod, Chron sportswriter, de Jesus Ortiz, aka @OrtizKicks and Noah Horwitz, aka @NMHorwitz, creator of the political blog, Texpatriate.

None of the tweets are on Rodriguez's account anymore, but luckily for us Horwitz -- a Houstonian who started the blog as a way to keep engaged with politics after he moved to Boston to attend Brandeis University -- took screenshots, recapping the whole fight on his blog, Texpatriate.

Horwitz wrote the original post criticizing Rodriguez's initial tweets about the payday loan deal. Rodriguez was going back and forth with @Texpatriates when he made a crack about Horwitz's dad, who ran for city council a while back:

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I'm not sure how good of an idea it is for politicians to have twitter accounts. I mean, it's great for the rest of us because we get to see who has thin skins and bad tempers, but for the politicians themselves, maybe not such a great idea. 


Pardon, but I don't understand what the fuck is going on here. What was the law that was passed? Which one of them is being a jerk? They both sound like a couple of spoiled 12-year-old mean girls.


I'm not convinced that "roll" was spelling mistake....

Jim Rassinier
Jim Rassinier

I never thought I'd see an article about a twitter fued, and yet here we are...

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Umm, yeah...  I don't give a shit about kids on twitter.  What was passed regarding the actual law?  I applaud anything these days that stops predatory lending.

Seriously, though.  This article isn't about news.  It's gossip.

MadMac topcommenter

The trick is to soak the homonyms overnight before you cook 'em.

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