Christmas PSA: Zapruder of a Jillion-Car Pile-Up in Snowy Wisconsin

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It's Christmastime, a time of giving, and as much as I would love to give all of you an actual, tangible gift for your loyal readership, I am but a humble radio host and cannot afford to do so.

I can, however, give you my sage advice on all things Christmas. That is free (to me), and yet still quite valuable.

For example, last week I shared my horrific experience in attempting to visit Santa's Wonderland. After that post, I got tweets and emails from dozens of you thanking me for saving you from the two-hour vehicular imprisonment in gridlocked traffic.

This week, a little more vehicular advice. It's pretty obvious, but worth over-communicating -- please drive safely in snow!

Yeah, I know, you're like, "No shit, Sherlock," but how about some visual advice to remind you to take it slow and be judicious with your use of the brakes in the slippery stuff. Courtesy of WISN Channel 12, here is video of a recent pileup on a Wisconsin freeway that should scare you straight if you get a daredevil whim traveling for the holidays:

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