Christmas Parenting Advice: Zapruder Analysis of an Insane Video Gamer (NSFW Language)

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Way to bring it?
Video games are a tricky thing, especially this time of year. When you give a video game to your kids as a gift, are you making their holiday more joyous or potentially making their skin more pasty and their muscles more atrophied?

The key to video game enjoyment, like anything, is moderation. My generation grew up with video games, too, (Space Invaders, anyone?) and we still managed to make it outdoors every day for some sandlot football. As the first generation of parents who actually played video games, we should be qualified to steer our kids properly.

So, the long and the short of it, yes, I got my kids a couple of video games for Christmas yesterday. (And I don't even feel bad mentioning it here, because my kids are at the age where Christmas is "hand Mom and Dad a list of stuff.")

And I was fine with it....until I saw the post on Deadspin with video of some teenage kid going out of his tree with unbridled joy over schooling some fellow gamers at a big dork convention of some sort.

The video apparently comes originally from a website called, which is either some sort of website promoting hardcore video gaming or a porn site for those of you with a "dorks wearing headphones and screaming like a first grader after five packs of Fun Dip" fetish.

They have their own YouTube channel with dozens of these celebratory videos, but none of them tops the specimen in the Deadspin post. So good is this video that for some reason has taken it down from their YouTube channel; however, miraculously, it lives on on Deadspin.

For some reason, there is no option to embed the video, so you may have to go with the double browser option -- one browser for the video, one browser for the Zapruder analysis. I know, PRIMITIVE, right?

So go fire up the video, and allow me to give you a detailed PSA on what happens if video game moderation is not parented into your kid. (In the case of the kid in question, I would suggest to his parents the baby steps of having him budget something less than 22 hours a day for video gaming, and go from there.)

So go press PLAY, and let's do this...

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